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Mar 17th, 2018, 3:10pm

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 veryhotthread  Author  Topic: Kristin Smart - May 25, 1996 - CA  (Read 2541 times)
xx ** Why I Was Arrested **
« Reply #45 on: Mar 3rd, 2005, 05:30am »

Judge Umhoffer sided with the Flores in granting a restraining order which said I needed to stay 50 yards away from the Flores' residence as well as their autos and places of employment. This order extending to Mike McConville (Susan's boyfriend) as well as Brett MacArthur and Ermelinda MacArthure. Ermelinda is Pauls sister and Brett is the husband, and I hear they are divorcing. She now lives somewhere in Amsterdam, or so I am told.

I wanted to picket outside the Arroyo Grande Community school where Susan works but do so in a way as to not violate the R.O.

To assure this, I first stopped by the Arroyo Grande Police Station and showed them the restraining order and told them of my intentions.

The AG officers told me where I could legally walk and not violate the order. Since the school is set back much further than 50 yrds from the street - I was told that as long as I stayed on the street that I would be fine.

began walking to the school going the exact directions provided to me by the AG police and was arrested in less than 20 minutes.

The police did not arrest me, Susan Flores arrested me.

Yes. A citizens arrest. A police car drove up ant the officer told me to put the sign down and wait. He would not tell me why but I obeyed him nonetheless.

Within ten minutes or so, two more police cars approach and pull over. Two officers get out of the car and all of a sudden Susan Flores gets out of the care as well

Two officers flank Flores and she walks up to me and says, "Dennis Mahon, I am placing you under citizens arrest for violating the restraining order."

Off I go to jail and this time I was released just after a few hours.

Turns out the Susan Flores is employed at the AG Community School, but she is also a licensed real estate broker for Prudential Hunter Realty which has an office in the village and it was that office that I walked past en route to the school.

A year earlier, I received a call from Lawnae Hunter, the owner of the realty company and she pleaded with me not to mention her company on my site because, "Susan no longer works her and she hasn't in over a year." It was Lawnae who first tipped me off where Susan actually worked. Up until that time I did not know.

She technically still has a license with Prudential Hunter but is not an active broker. (Would you buy a house from her? Who would?)

It would have helped if the court listed the addresses, vehicles and places of employment that I was restricted from.

The fact that I first visited the AG Police department shows where my intentions are.

This particular case was eventually dropped. Soon after, I received a call that my father was seriously ill and so I dropped everything and moved back to the east coast.

After being back home for about 8 months - I am served with more papers saying I violated the retraining order and I needed to answer the chargers in court.

I was 3,000 miles away and did not attend the court. Late in the game, I contacted Okorie Okoracha, my attorney and he helped me file the necessary papers to request a delay. We were running up against the clock and I ended up FedExing the paperwork which arrived at the courthouse on the afternoon of the day my case was heard in the morning.

So, on that one I was a an hour or so late, and a bench warrant was issued.

My attorney, Okorie, went before the judge and explained my situation and the judge decided to wait till I returned to California to hear the case.

My attorney and I have made 6 calls to SLO courts in the one month I have been here and each time we were told that the Flores attorney, Jeff Radding, had no time.

I was eventually picked up on the warrant as I was walking to the Michael Jackson courthouse - where I have been going daily for the past two weeks - in full view of scores of cops standing right there and even taking photographs with me.

The result of my arrest was being on TV three days in a row and also getting two good leads from inmates I met while in jail.

A cabdriver told me today that the Kristin Smart case was ancient news as if his world has moved on.

The whole reason for coming back to California was to get Kristin back in the news.

The Flores are not going to get away scott free. At a minimum - they need to cooperate with the SLO Sheriff's office.

That is not too much to ask. The Flores need to deal with it.

User Image
Here I am with Officer Paul Flores, if you can believe that, outside the Santa Maria Couthouse where the Michael Jackson trial is taking place. I am not exactly hiding.
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xx FEBRUARY 28th.
« Reply #46 on: Mar 3rd, 2005, 06:08am »

Dennis Mahon is arrested.

Today (Mon. 2/28) is the day of opening statements in the Michael Jackson trial so I knew the media precense would be tremendous. I began walking around noon and that put me on schedule to arrive at the courthouse around 1:30p-2:00pm.

As usual I made my way down S. Broadway towards the courthouse and when I was walking past the Jack in the Box restaurant, a young woman approached me and acknowledged the sign I was carrying by saying, "I went to the school where his mother works."

Well - I knew immediately that I wanted to talk to this gal. I will give her name as Sara. Sara said that she was a student at Arroyo Grande Community School and that Susan was more or less a secretary there. "She handled the paperwork and would call the parents when the kids cut school," she said.

Sara then went on to say that all the kids in school knew about Kristin and Paul Flores and sometimes Susan would catch us whispering behind her back. "She would always go ballistic", Sara said. "She would start screaming, "My son didn't kill anyone and he never left the country!"

I was just about to ask Sara for permission to take her photo for this Website when from around the corner, two Santa Barbara County deputies approached and ask to speak with me.

They informed me right off the bat that there was a warrant for my arrest and that I was being arrested. These officers were very polite and handled everything very nicely. They broke down my banner and folded it nicely and placed it into a paper bag. As for the shovel that is was attached to, well, it wouldn't fit in the police car so that was left behind and the manager of the Jack In The Box placed the shovel behind his dumpster and said it would be there when I came back for it.

This all happened about 4 blocks shy of the courthouse. The officers had me in the backseat and drove to where I was walking anyway. When I arrived at the courthouse in Santa Maria - I was a bit shocked at all the media that was there. It seemed like a tenfold increase over the media for the Jury Selection Process.

Once inside the courthouse I was transferred from a Santa Barbara County Police Car to a San Luis Obispo County Van and driven with four other individuals the thirty miles or so north to San Luis Obispo.

Once there I was placed in a holding cell waiting to be processed, and that is when the clock slows down to a crawl. It is more or less, wait, wait, wait and don't ask any questions.

User Image
Eventually, after about 6 and one half hours of waiting I was led into cellblock 400 and assigned cell number 418.

I was wearing a green wristband assigned to me by the jail which means, I was told, 'low risk', or violation of a civil matter. Everyone else in the cell block was wearing blue wristbands which meant more serious offenses such as drug cases, spousal abuse etc.

I actually signed a waiver which allowed me to be placed in that population because that was where the phones were and I needed to let people know what had happened.

I took an immediate liking to me cellmate name Chris. He was 33 years old and had battled drug addiction all of his life. He said that he was very close to his mother but that he has put her through hell and he was tired of always letting her down. He was hooked on heroine and just couldn't beat it.

I talked to him for a while about Kristin and he really lit up. He had known about her tragedy but never really knew all the details and he was just floored. Chris then told me that his trade is that of a commercial diver and I told him of the lead about Kristin being placed near the damn at Lopez Lake. (FYI - Pat Pemberton, a reporter for the SLO Tribune told me that early on their paper received an anonymous tip about Kristin. The tip was just a photo of Lopez Lake with a circle drawn near the damn and the words: "Kristin Smart is Here". That is all it said. The Tribune turned it over to the authorities and that was the last they heard of it".

Well, this was all the Chris needed to hear. He will be out in about two months if he completes his mandatory drug programs. Chris has volunteered to dive the lake free of charge. There will be some equipment to rent - but his labor will be free. He then went on to assure me that they have sonar equipment that can see right through the mud as well as equipment to go get Kristin if she is down there. He was pretty confident of it. He gave me the number of his boss and I will be calling him to establish a relationship to see if he can also help us.

The cells are very small, my wingspan can touch both walls and lengthwise it is about 15 feet. There are two beds, lots of concrete, a commode and lots of heavy steel.

I could not help but think of Scott Peterson and what that guy has ahead of him. The same goes for the Flores. I say this because LE has repeatedly named Paul as the prime suspect in Kristin's disappearance.

Lockdown was about 11:00pm. Breakfast (Orange, Grits, Gravy and Biscuits and coffee) served at 6:00am. Lunch (Egg Salad sandwich and apple and milk) served at 11:00am and dinner (Spaghetti, bread, salad, coffee) was served at 4:00pm.

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exclamation MARCH 1st.
« Reply #47 on: Mar 3rd, 2005, 06:18am »

They woke us up at 6:00am for breakfast and called out the names of inmates who were to go to court that day. My name wasn't on the list so I was told to go back to my cell where lockdown was til lunchtime. Evidently, the night before there was a massive brawl between inmates in another cell and the fallout of that was that the entire facilty had to suffer the consequences by being placed in 'lockdown'.

It wasn't that bad though coz it gave me time to read and sleep. I read a book called Rogue Warrior, about they Navy SEALs and a guy name Dick Marcinki.

The rest of the day we were in lockdown and even though it felt good to sleep - having your freedom stripped is just a horrible feeling. No wonder why the Flores will not cooperate with law enforcement.

Meeting Henry

I met a guy named Enrique (Henry). He is 40 years old and his lively personality made him easily one of the leaders of the cell block. He seemed to really be a nice guy but the reason he was in jail was because of some domestic trouble with his wife. So - I am sure there may be another side to his story. That happens in jail, as we all know. Anyway - he told me one of the most incredible stories that I wish to share with you now. I am taking him at his word because I don't know it to be true. Either way - it is pretty funny.

Henry lives in Grover Beach which is one of the "Five Cities" that comprise the central coast. He was arrested last Christmas Eve and became locally famous for escaping from the cops and was on the run for seven days before finally being recaptured on New Years Eve.

After he was arrested, but before the cops had the chance to transport him up to San Luis to the jail, Henry saw a fleeting moments when the cops weren't paying attention and he made a split second decision to make a run for it.

The first thing he encounters is a barbed wire fence which he leapt over without worrying about cutting his body open. The barbed wire took a chunk of his stomach - but Henry told me he didn't even feel it at the time because his adrenaline was rushing through him.

Henry is real close to his parents and it turns out his father's house is only 5 blocks away. So he starts running as fact as he can with his hands cuffed behind his back. He makes it to his Dad's house who by this time has already been notified by the cops that his son has escaped and may be heading his way.

The father pleaded with his son to turn himself in but Henry at the moment wasn't hearing any of that. "No, dad, I just can't", and with that Henry pivots sharply and start heading down another street and finds himself on the run with police sirens, helicopters and bloodhounds piercing the otherwise peaceful night in Grover Beach, California.

By now Henry takes his shirt off and wraps it around his back to hide the handcuffs. It helped a little but still, Henry is waddling down the street out of breadth with his hands cuffed behind him.

Covering up the handcuffs can only do so much.

Eventually, Henry finds himself near a strawberry patch and runs into a yound man in his early 20's. He runs up to the guy and frantically pleads with him to "'help me out! - help me out!"

The kid starts laughing at him saying "you want me to what"? Henry then lifts up his hands exposing his cuffs and repeats, 'you know . help me out, c'mon - please!"

Just now Henry is thinking in his mind, "I am wasting my time, I need to go find an ax somewhere." He turns and is about to start running again when incredibly, the young kid whips a handcuff key out of his pocket! "On one condition, the kid says, "I want those cuffs!"

Ten seconds later the kid had his official "Grover City Police Handcuffs' and Henry was on his way once again. He ducked into a local Taco place and ordered two big burritos and two beers and hid out while the cops continued their frenzied search.

Ultimately, Henry got away but his freedom only lasted 7 days. He was hiding at his mother-in-laws home spending time with his wife when all of a sudden the cops came plowing through her door.

Henry was once again arrested and was surprised to learn that the cops were treating him rather nicely. "I thought I was going to get beat up", he said".

The cops just couldn't figure out how he eluded them a week earlier and that was really all they were focused on. They kept asking Henry how he got away.

How'd you do it Henry", asked the cops.

"You really want me to to tell you?", Henry responded.

"Yeah, sure, we really want to know"

"You sure you really want me to show you", Henry asked one last time.

"Yeah, Henry, we want to know how you evaded us?"

"OK, Henry says - and with that he did a 180 and began hauling ass! This time he only got about ten yards before he was tackled

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xx MARCH 2nd.
« Reply #48 on: Mar 3rd, 2005, 06:26am »

At 6:00am I was woken up for breakfast and within minutes learned that I was in fact scheduled for court so I knew with any luck, I would be getting out today. No guarantees, mind you - but chances were pretty good.

After breakfast about 30 men were placed back in handcuffs, boarded in a van and driving to the courthouse which was about 5 miles away. There we were all placed in a tiny holding cell which was really crowded and frankly not very enjoyable.

I waited there for about two hours before my name was called.

These proved to be two very important hours because it was here that a fellow inmate came up to me and said he knew a little about the case and who might have knowledge of the actual events.

When I was led to the courtroom I was escorted by a very polite and kind officer and told her what this inmate had shared with me. We both agrees to make sure Undersheriff Steve Bolts knew about this and I will be emailing him this lead tonight.

Another important thing I learned while standing in the holding cell came from another inmate. I know his info is acurate because I independently know what he was talking about - he was just able to fill in the pieces for me.

He said he used to work with a man that actually lived at the Flores home at 529 East Branch St. He lived there after Kristin vanished and after they built a patio in the backyard. Anyway, this inmate told me that his coworker that lived in the rented Flores home suspected Kristin was buried in the backyard and called the authorities to notify them of his suspicions BEFORE the June 2000 search warrant of the property. This person has since moved out of state, but thanks to this inmate, I now know his name and how to contact him. So, all in all, it was time well spent.

Judge Picquet was very kind and offered to release me on my own recognizance and I need to be in court on March 16th at 9am. Just because I am now free doesn't mean that I was now free. Back in handcuffs for another two hours until I eventually made it back to the jail.

During the release process, I was led to a room to receive my belongings and my street clothes. Officer Owens was professional and by the books the whole time I was there. While I was changing back into my street clothes, Officer Owens said,"He's gonna get what's coming to him, Dennis."

That was nice to hear, he didn't hive to say that. As Officer Owens opened the door to release me for good his final words to me were, 'Good luck in your efforts, Dennis."

And with that I was out the door.

I made my way to the SLO Courthouse and used the phone to call some people to let them know I was out. All of a sudden, Flores Attorney Jeff Radding comes walking right past me. I didn't think quickly enough, but if I had the presence of mind, I would have held the phone out and said to Adding, "Say hello to Mrs. Smart".

He would have just kept walking, is my guess.

User Image
Beautiful Kristin
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xx Re: Kristin Smart - May 25, 1996 - CA
« Reply #49 on: Mar 3rd, 2005, 11:27am »

Deborah, thank you for posting that new update to the journal.

Just a quick note to tell everyone that the march resumes today. The panic about the banner being taken away permanently is OVER as well. It has been returned. He's back out there and everything is alright. It had all of us rushing around last night and the night before. We are cool so everybody relax embarassed

Also, Deborah that issue we've been working on in the last few days. I spoke to Dennis about that and he is working to get in touch with that woman so she will respond and let you do what is needed to complete that task that he needs you to do. embarassed We've had a few obstacles to overcome in the last few days but we are cool now. We just got to get these SHOES
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« Reply #50 on: Mar 4th, 2005, 04:13am »

You are very welcome, anything I can do to help...Just got this update and grrrr I cant believe this woman angry angry


I received a call today from one of Kristin supporters who has a website and graciously placed a 'SonofSusan' link on her site.

Today, her employer received a 30 minute tongue lashing from Susan threatening lawsuits for this and that because of the link.

Susan, you are expending way too much energy. If you want this site down, here is what you do:

1) Call Steve Bolts over at the SLO Sheriff's office. 805-781-4544 is his number. Something tells me that he will take your call. If you don't want to call - you can drive up there. Just take HWY 101 north to San Luis Obispo. The Sheriff's office is just past the California's Men Colony. Make a left on Kansas Ave and you are there.

2) He and Detective Dave Kenny will have some questions for you. Make sure you bring Paul, Ruben and Ermelinda with you. Whatever questions they have, just be truthful. You can be honest Susan, it isn't going to kill you.

Whether or not your answers lead to Kristin does not affect my promise to your family. Once the Smarts and I hear from the Sheriff's department that they have interviewed your family and are satisfied with your honesty - then you better not blink because if you do you will miss this site going offline.

I have met Lt. Bolts - he is a kind soul and in the process of him doing his job and meeting his responsibilities, he will treat you kindly.

Susan - this is sooooo much easier then the road you are going down.

User ImageThe 'Pride and Joy' of Arroyo Grande, Ca, Susan Flores
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xx Re: Kristin Smart - May 25, 1996 - CA
« Reply #51 on: Mar 4th, 2005, 12:05pm »

Today was just a normal day of walking up and down Broadway. Here, I snapped a photo of Jackson Attorney Tom Mesereau speaking with the media after court let out. The crowd outside is still very small. Today I mat a gal from Holland and a man named Gabriel from Mexico City. He obviously studied Jackson's dance moves because he had it down near perfect. One fan played 'BillyJean' on his iPOD and Gabrial danced and did the moonwalk. Other than thatJackson Atty Tom Mesereau

User ImageJackson Atty Tom Mesereau
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« Reply #52 on: Mar 4th, 2005, 12:23pm »

The Kristin Smart Rally

Saturday May 14th, 2005
2:00pm at Arroyo Grande Elm Street Park
'Dig Up Susan Flores Yard'
On May 14th, 2005, Kristin Smart will have been missing 3,272 days. Please join us as we publicly ask Law Enforcement to secure a 2nd search warrant and this : time dig up the Flores back yard. All the info is at


Also today, I spoke with the city of Arroyo Grande about renting Elm Street park for the rally. Without giving out any names - when I told the city employee of our plans for the rally - her response was 'Oh, this is exciting!" Then in the next breadth, she said "No, wait a minute, this is really sad."

Just so you know - I know Denise Smart extremely well and she will be real happy with your first comment. So, you did good!

My friend Beverly Chase helped me with the forms which the city faxed over. I originally thought of using a smaller park much closer to the Flores home - but because of lack of parking, we all decided it is best to use the main park - which is Elm.

Beverly also is spearheading a flyer campaign to help advertise the rally and she put together this flyer and we ask all residents of the Five Cities Area to print out the flyer and post it where you work and play!.

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xx Ruben Flores is Caught Stalking Dennis
« Reply #53 on: Mar 5th, 2005, 06:31am »

I arrived in the Five Cities area last month to continue to help the Smarts find answers to where Kristin is. Three days after arriving I drove to Pismo (one of the Five Cities) in an attempt to speak with attorney Mark LeBed regarding Kristin's Memorial Vista at Dinosaur Caves Park. I was not able to get up with him and began heading back south to Santa Maria. In the mirror I saw the police lights flashing and I knew it was time for me to pull over.

The officers impounded my car because they said my license had expired. I showed them my valid license from back east and they said that didn't matter since my California tags had expired.

My court date was set for 1:00pm today in Grover Beach. It is a small courtroom, but nonetheless, it was packed. As it turned out, I was the last one to have his/her case decided so I sat there for two hours watching the courtroom slowly empty before my eyes.

I explained my situation to Public Defender Crawford and he was able to successfully have all charges dismissed. So I was happy about that. The fact that I was pulled over just the 3rd day after arriving in California was a determining factor.

Anyway, the judge informed me of the dismissal and said I was free to go and to have a nice day. I thanked Attorney Crawford for his help and turned to leave the small courtroom.

There, in the back of the room was Ruben Flores. He had actually risen from his seat and was trying to get out of the room without me noticing him - I could tell by his body language. (I do not know when he arrived because he wasn't there during the early or middle part because - as I said - the room was all but empty and I never saw him until the very end.)

User Image
Ruben Flores, turning his back on all that is decent in this world.

Anyway, I did not hesitate for a moment. In a very polite manner - my voice rose very loudly and I quickly caught the judge's attention; "Your Honor", I called out, "I have a restraining order out against me saying I need to stay away from that man." Please note that he is following me around and not vice-versa. As I am saying this - I clearly have everyone's attention and Ruben is trying his level best to slither away.

The judge, on instinct, instructed the bailiff to immediately handle the situation. He demanded that Ruben stop in his tracks and address the officer.

User Image
Stalker, Ruben Flores

As all this is happening, I reach into my backpack and take out my trusty camera and begin snapping photos. You see the result of that effort.

Ruben Flores lied many times on the stand during our trial regarding the restraining order back in 2002. I am convinced that about 99% of the public believes me on this score. Anyway - it is a little odd to have someone go to the trouble of having a restraining order issued to keep me away from him and then he starts stalking me.

Not to be repetitive - but the Flores could easily cooperate with Lt. Bolts of the SLO Sheriff's office - and that very same day I would cancel the Walk, cancel the May 14th rally, shut the website down and head back to the east coast.

Now - just why on earth would the Flores not take me up on this offer?

When the restraining order was granted, it stated that I needed to stay at least 50 yards away from Paul Flores, Susan Flores, Ruben Flores, Mike McConville (Susan's boyfriend), Brett MacArthur and Ermelinda MacArthur. Ermelinda is Paul's sister and I hear that her marriage to Brett is in ruins - but I do not know that for sure.

The court never outlined for me where any of these people live, work or what vehicles they drive. So when we go to court on March 16th, that is one thing I am going to ask the court to please specify.

Also - since Ruben is stalking me - I am going to ask the judge to determine if his Restraining order is still valid. It may be - but I can at least ask.

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xx March 5th
« Reply #54 on: Mar 8th, 2005, 05:36am »

Today was a quiet day. I walked up and down Betteravia and then headed over towards the Crossroads shopping center. The banner blows like crazy in the late afternoon so I stopped into a hardware store and purchased some metal weight just to help with the wind. It works pretty good but obviuosly adds to the weight of the banner.

Monday I plan on filing a restraining order against the Flores for stalking me. I am very concerned about Ruben whipping out a weapon so I need to be a bit careful. He has a restraining order against me yet he follows me everywhere. Ruben once told a reporter that he is aware of my website but that he hardly ever reads it. Sure.

Also - soon I plan on taking my walk right up to Arroyo Grande and wearing out the sidewalk along it's main business street- Grand Avenue.

Once there - I am going to actively engage the community to get behind the search for Kristin. I will attend city council meetings and ask each council member to take a stand publicly for Kristin. Those who do - great - those who don't - I will just put that on the website.

Once again - the Flores do not need to have this all played out on this site as well as the Streets of Arroyo Grande. Simply cooperate with Law Enforcement - and I am done.

This is not rocket science.

I called Anne Bird today but just got an answering machine. I left her a message but I have not heard back from her and I do not know if I will.I was curious to speak with those 'two cousins' just to see what they had to say.

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xx March 6th
« Reply #55 on: Mar 9th, 2005, 12:21am »

There is a book out now that speculates about Scott Peterson's involvement with Kristin Smart. It is called Blood Brother: 33 Reasons Why My Brother Scott Peterson Is Guilty. The author is Anne Bird who was adopted out at birth. The book is prominently displayed in all the major bookstores right now. I received an email a few days ago from someone who said they read the book and in it Anne believes Scott killed Kristin.

Naturally - I needed to see this for myself. So, this morning around 10:00am I began my day walking my regular route down S. Broadway and this time I headed to the mall and the B. Dalton bookstore in particular.

The reference to Kristin is on page 153 and as I suspected, Anne doesn't really know any specifics about this lead. She openly admits in the book that she heard a rumor from two of Scott's cousins that the police were investigating Scott.

Here is what I know: First - both the Smarts and I agree that anything is possible. We are convinced that the police are on the right path as they name Paul as the prime suspect. Did he act alone? Or did he have help? That much we do not know. It is very possible that the SLO Sheriff's office knows a whole lot more regarding this.

Scott, Laci, Kristin and Paul all attended Cal Poly at the same time. Early after Kristin vanished, the SLO Tribune paper received an anonymous tip. It came in the form of a photo of Lopez Lake with an 'X' marked on it with the words 'Kristin Smart Here'.

The paper turned it over to the cops and that was the last they heard of it.As you know - Laci was hidden in water - so there is a similarity there.

The FBI sent letters out to some 600 students who lived in the dorms asking for info on Kristin's case - many people never responded to to the inquiry - Scott Peterson was one of those who did not respond.

The SLO Sheriff's department made a public statement when Laci was missing that they could find no evidence the Scott was connected to Kristin's case.

That is about all I know.

Finally - I was given a set of papers to fill out for the restraining order today. The papers need to be files in San Luis Obispo so I may make the 30 mile trip up there tomorrow and get that started.

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xx March 7th
« Reply #56 on: Mar 9th, 2005, 12:45am »

The photo's below was taken in the front yard of the Smarts attorney, James Murphy. God Bless Him as he has represented the Smarts from Day One and has had this billboard in the front yard for about 8 years now.

User ImageThe Murphy's Law Office is about 1/4 mile from Susan Flores home and the Flores go by this sign probably each day of their life.

Dennis next to Attorney James Murphy 'Kristin Billboard' which has been around longer than this webiste.

I was in Arroyo Grande for three reasons: First, I am getting ready to move from Santa Maria up to Arroyo Grande which is where the bulk of my walking and Rally Organizing will take place. I needed to secure employment and I think I was able to accomplish that.
User Image
Second, I dropped by the Arroyo Grande Police Department because I wanted to know if I had a right to an answer as to why the police arrested Susan Flores on April 9th, 2002 for assaulting me, cuffed her, put her in the squad car and then driving her out of my sight and letting her go scott-free.

I wasn't aware of this until this past week. Today I got an informal answer but just to make sure I take the proper steps, I filled out a form requesting any and all publicly available police reports relating to her arrest/no arrest and was told it will take a few days for me to receive it.

I will wait til I receive those reports before I comment further on it.

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xx Smart Ass!Miller Unocal Employee Blows Off Kristin
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Smart Ass!!! 805-773-5727

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Union 76 Employee Blows Off Kristin!!!

Paul Flores was employed at the Union 76 station in Arroyo Grande when Kristin vanished. I spoke with an employee there today and he was so disinterested in being cooperative that I honestly did not get his name. I asked if there were any 'old timers' still working there and he happened to be at the register.

As soon as I mentioned Kristin Smart and asked if he had heard any talk about her case, his body language and tone of voice were doing nothing but telling me to get lost.

In a sarcastic voice, he said, "Look, no one hear discusses Kristin's case and no one who worked here before aver discussed Kristin's case" He followed that up by saying this if the boss ever catches anyone talking about Kristin Smart, that person will be fired. He then barked out his bosses number so I went ahead and published it here.

Needless to say - Five Cities residents may want to buy their gas elsewhere.

He said that the boss was Mr. Miller - I think it is Cevin MIller - but I am unsure of the spelling.

I report this because I want the reader to get a little taste of what has been fed to the Smarts all these years. Things are twisted - it is almost like people are so contend on just burying her memory. "Don't rock the status quo", is pretty much the consensus

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xx Mr Miller Responds
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Mr Miller Responds

I received this email Tuesday evening, March 9th. My reponse is below.

Dear Mr. Mahon:
A customer recently brought in a copy of your latest posting on your website. In it you slander my business and employees. I don't believe I have ever met you so I thought I should take a minute and set you straight.

First off, Paul Flores was in my employment during the time of Kristin's disappearance. I was approached back then by the police and questioned to see if I had heard or known anything.

Unfortunately back then I had not overheard anything or did not have any special knowledge that could help the distressed family. I did what I could, encouraging Paul's friends to cooperate with attempting to gain any information that might lead to Kristin's discovery. I personally threatened Paul, trying to get him to admit to anything. I and other people here at my business were subpoenaed and gave testimony. I tried to do anything to help but the case remains unsolved.

Now you come into my business and ask an employee who was 13 years old at the time of Kristin's disappearance and aggressively ask him questions. What would he know? It is not an issue I have addressed in over eight years. I have no gag order with the guys. All you do is scare a guy into thinking he should not be talking about a situation he knows nothing of. ONLY I still remain from that time period and I wish I had something of importance to contribute but I don't. I have and would cooperate with any investigation concerning Kristin but I think it is very ignorant of you to pursue matters as you did the other day in Arroyo Grande. If you think I can be of assistance, contact me at 805 773-5727. Oh I forgot, you all ready posted that number on your site and asked people to boycott my business.


Cevin Miller

Dennis Mahon's Response:

Mr. Miller,
Thankyou for responding. I will take you up on your offer and I will call you.
'Unfortunately back then I had not overheard anything or did not have any special knowledge that could help the distressed family.' If that is true, and I believe you, than that is the first we heard of it. I understand you when you say you already talked to the police and told them you didn't know anything. If you have not spoken with them since 2002 - then you are missing something bigtime. More on that later. Just so you know, Lt. Steve Bolts of the San Luis Obispo Sheriff's office met with me and made it very clear that he could not and would not, share anything with me about the case because of how sensitive the investigation is. Fair enough - I have never had a problem with that. Eight years later in a courtroom before a judge, Det. Steve Crawford told the judge that his department allocates between 2-3 hours per month on Kristin's case. If you do the math - that comes down to between 4-6 minutes a day. The LE in this community is so understaffed and underfunded that very worthy cases like Kristin's do not get the attention LE would like to put into it - or that Kristin deserves. Therefore - it is up to Kristin's family and friends to keep the fires burning, so to speak. I personally believe that Lt. Bolts is in a near impossible situation. The Flores have told his office to 'get lost' (5th Amendment) and he doesn't have near the manpower or funding he would like. That is why I walked into your station. I may not be an Police Officer, but I am in the position to contribute more than 4-6 minutes a day. Law Enforcement communities nationwide rely on the public's help to solve cases. (Just look at the Elizabeth Smart case in Utah)
Now you come into my business and ask an employee who was 13 years old at the time of Kristin's disappearance and aggressively ask him questions. If he was 13 at the time, that would make him about 22 yrs old now. That means he was 13 about 3,230 days ago. Coincidently, that is the exact number of days that Kristin's lifeless body has been laying in the ground somewhere. Kristin has earned the right to have these questions asked. He may have been 13 back then - but he is a grown man now and politely asking him if any old-timers were still working there is not a question that should damage a grown man's feelings. As far as being aggressive - my behavior was, and always is, very polite. If he told you otherwise - he is lying to you. I was polite, but I will admit that I did ask questions. If that makes him, or you, feel uncomfortable - then I guess that make you and him uncomfortable. But Kristin still deserves to have these questions asked.
'It is not an issue I have addressed in over eight years.' It is not an issue the Smart's have forgotten for 8 seconds.
'I have no gag order with the guys.' That is 180 degrees opposite what your employee said. His actually words were. "if the bossman catches anyone talking about Kristin - they are fired". I understand that you say that is not a gag order - but whatever name you attach to that statement - it seems to me to be pretty close to a gag order. More importantly - three years ago I went to your station in Pismo to basically ask the same question, one of your employees nearly took me head off - he was 20 times more rude that what I met with yesterday. So, Union 76 has set a pattern of being rude and 100% uncaring towards Kristin. At some point, Mr. Miller - we all have our 'threshold points' and yesterday - your employee tripped that wire. That is why I posted it online. It was a combination of yesterday and three years ago. (Kristin has been missing over 3,200 days). Now think for a moment how Mr. and Mrs. Smart have to fight themselves to sleep each night not knowing where Kristin is buried - only to have that topped off with some very rude employees at Union 76? That get's old.
If you think I can be of assistance, contact me at 805 773-5727. You can be of assistance. Are you aware that perhaps the single biggest lead we have received in this entire case came to us from one of your employees. He called LE with this information way back in 1996 - and no one ever called him back. Six years later, in 2002, when Kristin was declared legally deceased - this employee became so disgusted that he contacted the Smarts atty and eventually I drove to his home and met with him. (Have you spoken with LE since 2002? If you haven't addressed this issue in eight years - then you are probably unaware of these developments.) He says that Paul confided with yet another one of your employees that Kristin died in his (Paul's) dorm room and that with the help of yet another one of your employees - he hid Kristin's body in the Nipomo Mesa. Now - I believe you 100% Mr. Miller, when you say you don't know anything - but clearly something was happening amongst your employees regarding Kristin's case and if I have to say this one million times more, I am willing to do so: KRISTIN DESERVES TO HAVE THESE QUESTIONS ASKED! If your employee from three years ago wasn't so 'off the wall' rude followed up by a repeat performance yesterday - then none of this webposting would have been necessary.
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xx March 9th
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I was at the Santa Maria courthouse for the Jackson trial again. I met with a local media guy named William who was in the courtroom today and really follows this stuff closely. He told me that the Judge is probably going to dismiss this case because they are catching the witnesses in lie after lie. Enough of that.

I got to met a woman from Munich, Germany by the name of Evelyn Popp. She handcrafted this Michael Jackson marionette and she really caught the eye of the media coz everyone was interviewing her. Her goal is, of course, to meet Jackson and present it to him.

I also got a chance to meet with Ted Rowlands who is a reporter for CNN. If his name sounds familiar - it is because he used to be a reporter in the Modesto, Ca area and became nationally known for his reporting during the Chandra Levy case as well as Scott Peterson.
I was pleasantly surprised on how knowledgeable he was on the smaller facts of Kristin's case and was really impressed to learn that he knew about Kristen Modafferi as well.

I then spent about twenty minutes walking him through pretty much everything I knew and we agreed that I would email him all the appropriate documents relating to both Kristen Mod and Kristin Smart.

Ted didn't promise anything in the way of coverage - but I was glad to see that he cared and hopefully - sometime in the near future - a national story will result.

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