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Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 11th, 2004, 1:59pm

This is the thread where we will post news articles about Carrie Culberson. We have a special page available for all archived news articles on Carrie that were out long before her website became available. Please visit this link to read information on past events such as the trial of Vince Doan Tracey Baker, Lawrence Baker and Richard Payton.

Full information and articles pertaining to the last search in May 2004 for Carrie's remains beneath the pole barn, can be found following this link:

Media Links Who Post Information About Carrie:

WKRC Channel 12 Cincinnati - Ms. Debra Dixon, a very nice lady who has followed the Culberson case and is very active with Crime Stoppers.

Cincinnati Enquirer:

Cincinnati Post:


Court TV

Vigil Held For Culberson Family 8-29-04
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 11th, 2004, 2:05pm

Reported by: Jay Warren
Web produced by: Neil Relyea
Photographed by: 9News
8/29/04 10:58:09 PM

This Sunday marks eight years since Carrie Culberson of Blanchester, Ohio disappeared.

Friends of the Culberson family say they want Carrie's mom Debbie to know that they will always support her -- and that finding Carrie's body still needs to be done.

On a quiet evening in Blanchester, Ohio, members of the Highland County Domestic Task Force were out to support a friend.

Please read complete news article here:

D. Culberson Pushing for Forensic Upgrades 9-2-04
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 11th, 2004, 2:09pm

Call For DNA Database Of Unidentified Remains
LAST UPDATE: 7/14/2004 6:55:06 PM
Article from Channel 12 News

The mother of a missing local woman rode a bus to the nation's capital to push for a new law that could help find her daughter's remains.
Carrie Culberson of Blanchester disappeared in 1996. Her body has never been found.
Right now there is no law requiring remains that are found be entered in a national database. Debbie Culberson says she believes the only hope for finding her daughter's remains is in Washington, D.C.
"I've been trying to get some kind of law mandating testing of remains," said Culberson.
In her daughter's case, there is evidence boyfriend Vince Doan killed then dismembered Carrie casting the parts into the Ohio River.
"She could be sitting on someone's shelf. Without testing I'll never know," said Culberson.
She spoke with Congressman Steve Chabot, R-Ohio. He is on the Judiciary Committee which has jurisdiction over federal criminal matters.
It won't be the first time this has been brought up. The Justice Department invited some of the finest forensic minds to talk about the same issue last fall.
The Justice Department recently approved more than 80 million dollars for DNA testing, but not DNA testing of remains. Congressman Chabot says that is overdue.
Investigators plan to contact police departments along the Ohio river to see if any unidentified remains have washed up that could be tested and compared with Carrie's DNA.

Article from Channel 12 News:

Debra Culberson & Jim Petro
Photo Courtesy of Channel 12 News

User Image
New Crisis Center Guest Speaker
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 22nd, 2004, 12:49pm

By Peggy Kreimer
Post staff reporter

The new director of the Women's Crisis Center will make her public debut as a speaker for the center at the 10th annual Day of Peace .Oct. 1 at the Carnegie Visual + Performing Arts Center in Covington.
Kimberely Adams, attorney and former director of the Boone County Conservancy, was named director of the center in August, replacing retiring director Mary Jo Davis.

Read the Complete Article:
Day of Peace October 1, 2004
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 24th, 2004, 09:05am

Day of Peace

Friday, October 01, 2004 at 11:00AM
Location: The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, 1028 Scott Street, Covington, KY

Day of Peace is a community wide effort to promote peace making and reduce violence in families, neighborhoods and schools in Northern Kentucky. Violence is a community problem that requires a community response…join us as we discuss how it affects each of us and how we can make a difference.

Debra Dixon from Channel 12 WKRC Crimestoppers, will serve as program moderator again this year. Speakers will share their personal experiences of the effects of domestic violence. Debra Culberson, mother of Carrie Culberson, the young woman whose boyfriend has now been convicted of her 1996 murder, will share her courageous journey. Dr. Willie Elliott, a professor at Northern Kentucky University, will share his message regarding men and their role in the fight against domestic violence. Sgt. Nikki Henderson, a retired Louisville Police Officer, will address elder abuse. Gil Esparza, a leader in the Hispanic community, will express his personal tragedy of his sister’s violent death due to stalking.

Complete Article:

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Color Scheme Change on Carrie's Site
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 27th, 2004, 1:15pm

This is a quick note to all dedicated viewers of the Carrie Culberson website that the colors have been changed on some of the pages on Carrie's site to commerate the upcoming month of October which is known as Domestic Violence Awareness month. The color scheme for Domestic Violence Awareness is purple. I wanted to recognize this month as much as possible and to give special attention to October 1st, which is known as the Day of Peace. This month means a lot to many families who have lost their loved one ones due to domestic violence.
This is also out of respect for Carrie Culberson and her mother Debbie Culberson who is very active in domestic violence training. This is a couple of days early but I wanted it up and running. smiley

Soil Sample Findings UPDATE 9-27-04
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 27th, 2004, 10:11pm

Confirmed resources have stated that ONE of four samples taken from the excavation site on the Fayetteville-Blanchester Road site have been determined to be negative for bone fragments of Carrie Culberson. There are STILL three other samples that are currently being tested. The completion date on those is unknown at this time, however they are still being observed by forensic officials. Once those findings are completed and confirmed, that information will be posted for all concerned viewers on this board.

We apologize for the delay in posting this information, however nothing on this site is posted without confirmation. We know that everyone appreciates and understands this procedure.
Event Fights Domestic Violence 10-2-04
Post by FindCarrie on Oct 2nd, 2004, 11:18am

By Andrea Remke
Enquirer staff writer

COVINGTON - Debra Culberson doesn't want the same thing that happened to her daughter to happen to other women.

The mother of Carrie Culberson, whose boyfriend had a history of abusing her and was convicted of her 1996 murder, was one of the guest speakers at the Day of Peace celebration Friday in Covington. The event drew about 100 people to kick off Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October.

According to the event co-chairs, Ann Brandon and Tracy Denham, Day of Peace hopes to promote peace making and reduce violence in families, neighborhoods and schools in Northern Kentucky.

"We're trying to get the word out to the community about domestic violence, dating violence, even elder abuse," said Maureen Rich, event committee member.

"While domestic violence (awareness) has come a long way, we still have a long way to go," Denham said.

Kim Adams, executive director of the Women's Crisis Center, told the crowd gathered at the Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, "Organizations like the crisis center are here to help. But we can't do it without the help of the community."

Covington Mayor Butch Callery also read a proclamation declaring October as Domestic Violence Awareness month in Covington, saying the city was pledging a "commitment to educating Kentuckians on domestic violence."

T-shirts that domestic violence victims made at the crisis center were hung in the main reception room.

"The T-shirts are a way victims of domestic violence express their feelings and tell what's in their heart," Brandon said.

One yellow shirt read, "You say to me 'I love you,' and then you beat me black and blue... ha ha, I got away and gone I plan to stay."

Youth Out Front, a group of students from Holmes and Scott high schools, acted out skits illustrating how violence in teens can stem from violence in the home.

The students ended their performance by stating aloud to the audience, "If only you knew, you'd try to understand."

Willie Elliott, professor of social work at Northern Kentucky University, spoke about the role men have in stopping domestic violence. Elliott said he was a former abuser.

"I'm here to tell you there is a chance for (abusers) to change," he said.

Culberson spoke of her daughter's violent encounters with boyfriend Vincent Doan, who is now serving a life sentence for her murder. She said she warned her daughter he was getting more violent, but Carrie protected him and stayed in the relationship.

The 22-year-old Clinton County woman's body has never been found.

"The greatest self-defense you can have is (to) not get in the relationship in the first place," Elliott said. "Fifty percent of women murdered are trying to get out of the relationship."

Culberson said it's too late to help her daughter, but not for others.

"We've got to get the word out, and do what we can do to stop it," she said. "If I can help one young woman - that's why I'm here."

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by ziggygirl on Oct 5th, 2004, 2:02pm

Hi Jill,

To your knowledge have the officials offered a time frame for results from the other soil samples?

Keep up the good work! smiley
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Oct 5th, 2004, 2:09pm


Ms. Culberson told me that they have not given her a date or anything. They are keeping everything hush hush right now and are not saying a whole lot. She checks with them every single day though. We feel like that if it's being this hush hush that perhaps some leads are being follow up on from this last search. This could take months before we know. It has been a learning experience for our patience. Imagine your anticipation and then multiply that times 15 and that is what we think of each day undecided
Good to see you posting again. You should post more often.

Helping Crime Victims' Families 10-8-04
Post by FindCarrie on Oct 9th, 2004, 11:55am

WASHINGTON -- Even today, eight years later, Debra Culberson still wonders what happened to her daughter.
Was her body thrown into the Ohio River, as prosecutors suspect? And, if so, whatever became of her remains?

Not knowing is hard. So is knowing that what's left of Carrie Culberson might be sitting in a box in God-knows-where, just waiting for somebody to come along and claim her remains.

"I have talked to a lot of law enforcement officers and asked them what they did when they found remains,'' said Debra Culberson, who lives in Blanchester. "They said a lot of time they didn't know what to do with them, so they were put into a box and put on a shelf.

"With the possibility of Carrie being thrown into the Ohio River, her remains could have been found from here to wherever the Ohio River flows. So what good is it going to do us? How is it going to help me if Carrie is found in Missouri and put in a box on a shelf?''

Enter Steve Chabot. The Cincinnati congressman is pushing legislation that would require states and local communities that receive federal funding for DNA testing to report test results on unidentified remains to a nationwide missing-persons database.

The bill cleared the House this week and now goes to a conference committee, which must work out differences with a similar version passed earlier in the Senate. If the bill becomes law, it just might spare other parents the kind of anguish that has tormented Debra Culberson for years.

"You imagine so many things,'' she said. "What happened to her might not be as gruesome as what you think. But we hear the rumors of what might have happened, and it all becomes visual. We have to relive this every time we hear a story about what happened to Carrie.''

Carrie Culberson was just 22 when she disappeared one day back in 1996. Her ex-boyfriend, Vincent Doan, was convicted of murdering her a year later and sentenced to life in prison, even though her body was never found. Even after his conviction Doan has invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when asked about the location of the body.

Thus, Debra Culberson has been on a mission to find her daughter's missing body and give her a proper burial. Problem is, states aren't required to do DNA testing on unidentified remains. And even when they do, many of them don't report the information to the national database, which means that relatives back in Ohio would have no way of knowing when a loved one's remains turned up in, say, Mississippi.

Frustrated, Culberson turned to Chabot for help. What she wanted was mandatory DNA testing for all unidentified remains. Though the bill that passed this week doesn't go that far, it does make $2 million available to states to test unidentified remains. States that accept the money are required to report the data to the FBI's national missing-persons database.

Currently, the database contains just 237 DNA samples from unidentified remains. And yet, the FBI estimates there are as many as 40,000 remains across the country that have not been identified.

"It's totally unnecessary,'' Culberson said. "With the technology we have today, there is no reason why we should have unidentified remains.''

Chabot's bill takes Culberson one step closer to her goal of mandatory testing. "We'll just have to see where this first step takes us,'' she said.

The more immediate problem is getting the legislation through Congress.

Besides the DNA portion, the bill includes a number of victims' rights provisions that Chabot has been pushing for years, such as guarantees of timely restitution and the right for victims to be included and publicly heard during court proceedings involving their cases.

With Congress expected to be on extended break until after the Nov. 2 elections, time is running out for the bill to win final approval this year. Chabot's office, however, said there's still enough time for the conference committee to finish its work after the elections and for the measure to be approved this year.

Culberson certainly hopes so. "That may be the only way we'll find Carrie,'' she said. But, "I won't give up hope until they find her.''

Carrie Culberson's Mother To Appear In TV Ad For..
Post by FindCarrie on Oct 22nd, 2004, 06:26am

The mother of a murdered Blanchester woman is throwing her support behind a local congressman running for re-election.

Debbie Culberson appears in a powerful new campaign ad which airs next week.

Culberson says US Representative Steve Chabot has helped her accomplish something she's been fighting for for years.

Together, she says, they helped pass new legislation that could help bring peace to the families of victims around the country-- and maybe one day, could help find Culberson's daughter.

"Hi, my name's Debbie Culberson. My daughter Carrie was murdered in 1996 and her remains were never found," says Culberson in the ad.

In less than 30 seconds, Culberson shares eight years of heartache.

It's part of a moving political ad airing Monday.

"I went to Congressman Chabot, in the hopes of creating a national database," Culberson says in the ad.

"She came in and told me her story," said Steve Chabot, "and we've all here in this area heard about it on the news, but when you're confronted with it in person, you want to do everything you can to help her."

Chabot met Culberson back in July when she came to him for help.

She wants to make sure whenever a body is found, it's always tested for DNA.

That way, if human remains are discovered anywhere in the country-- she'll know whether or not they could belong to her daughter.

"With the possibility of Carrie being thrown into the Ohio River, she could be anywhere from here to wherever the Ohio River flows," said Culberson. "She could be sitting in a box on somebody's shelf in Missouri. and I thought, well how am I ever going to know that?"

Together, they drafted new legislation which provides funding for local law enforcement, to test remains and enter them into a national database.

"We're not unfortunately going to be able to bring her daughter back, but we hope some day we might be able to identify her, but also help other people who might be in this situation," said Chabot.

"He's working for the victims, and that's really huge for those of us that are victims," said Culberson, "so I support him in every way I can."

Culberson is expected to be there with the president when he signs the DNA initiative into law.
Change to Website 10-25-04
Post by FindCarrie on Oct 25th, 2004, 4:43pm

On Carrie's update page, you will note there have been some changes made. A special page has been added that is dedicated to all the articles and information that was from the April/May excavation that took place back a few months ago for Carrie. THis page was added so that viewers could separate the materials easily and to free up more space on the regular update page. Any time a page is added or edited, we will post on the main board so the viewers will know what is going on cheesy
Story of Carrie Culberson to be on AETV
Post by FindCarrie on Nov 10th, 2004, 7:41pm

FindCarrieCulberson.Com has just obtained information that AETV will be beginning production within a week for an upcoming episode regarding the disappearance of Carrie Culberson. The date of when this will air is unclear at this time. Any updates to the completion of the show and it's air date will be posted immediately. I'd like to also take this opportunity to thank AETV for their consideration in doing the story on Carrie's case.

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Nov 12th, 2004, 08:41am

Sources from AETV tell us that the filming of the show regarding Carrie Culberson's disappearance and the murder trial of Vincent Doan will be a combination of both sides of the story. That means that AETV will be at Mansfield Correctional facility next week interviewing Vince as he has agreed to participate in the documentary. At this time there is no date that we can give you all when this will air. The show title, length of the broadcast have not been made available yet. Other than the filming taking place next week, is all we know.

Thanks to Trina at AETV. We cannot express how happy we are to get American Justice to feature Carrie.
Chabot Works With Culberson Family
Post by FindCarrie on Nov 16th, 2004, 12:43pm

Chabot’s Crime Victims’ Rights Bill Passes
House and Senate

Chabot Works with Culberson Family to Add DNA Provision

Washington, D.C. – The House and Senate have passed identical versions of the Justice for All Act, bipartisan legislation that combines the Crime Victims’ Rights Act, authored by Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH), and two DNA testing bills. The Justice for All Act was introduced by Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), Congressman Chabot, and Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) on September 21, 2004. The legislation will now be sent to the President who is expected to sign the bill into law.

"This legislation will extend important new rights to the victims of crime and their families," said Chabot. "While criminals are given numerous rights and protections in the Constitution, victims are afforded few rights under federal law. This legislation will ensure victims are protected and not just an afterthought."

Chabot also successfully added a provision to the DNA portion of the legislation that requires states and local communities that receive federal funding for DNA testing to report test results for unidentified remains to a nationwide database. Chabot has been working to advance this issue with Debra Culberson, whose daughter Carrie Culberson was murdered in 1996. Although her former boyfriend was convicted of the murder, Carrie’s remains have not been recovered.

"We really appreciate the work Congressman Chabot has put into this issue," Debra Culberson said. "We’ve been searching for my daughter Carrie’s remains for the past eight years and are hopeful that this may serve as an important vehicle for us, and anyone missing a loved one, to identify remains. This is a critical first step toward ensuring testing from across the nation is housed in one central location and we look forward to continuing this effort with Congressman Chabot."

Chabot introduced the Crime Victims’ Rights Act in May 2004. By including Chabot’s legislation in the bipartisan Justice for All Act, the bill would codify the following rights for victims of federal crimes: the right to be reasonably protected from the accused; timely notice of any public court proceeding regarding the crime, release, or escape of the accused; the right to be included and publicly heard at any public court proceeding involving release, plea or sentencing; right to timely restitution as provided by law; and the right to be treated with fairness and with respect for the victim’s dignity and privacy.

Currently, 33 states have adopted a constitutional amendment to provide rights to victims of crime and all 50 states have enacted victims’ rights legislation. Chabot first introduced a Victims’ Rights Constitutional Amendment in 1999.
Carrie's Song on Website
Post by FindCarrie on Nov 16th, 2004, 8:43pm

Tonight Carrie's main website now plays "Here Without You" to all viewers who log on. This song has been discussed by many to remind them of Carrie and her disappearance. I thought the song should be somehow incorporated into the website and a friend has helped get this in place.

If you wish the purchase the full cd that contains this song, it can be found at any record store. Below is the title and name.

Song Title: Here Without You
Band Name: 3 Doors Down
Cd Title: Away from the Sun
State Senators Urged To Pass Human Remains Law
Post by FindCarrie on Dec 1st, 2004, 7:16pm

State Senators Urged To Pass Human Remains Law
DNA Would Be Required Testing On Remains

POSTED: 4:52 pm EST December 1, 2004
UPDATED: 4:59 pm EST December 1, 2004

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A murder victim's mother gave emotional testimony Wednesday to Ohio lawmakers in an effort to require DNA testing on all unknown human remains, NBC 4's David Wayne reported.

With a portrait of her murdered daughter, Carrie, in front of the podium, Debra Culberson urged state senators to pass the new law. Her daughter's remains have never been found since her disappearance in 1996, and she worries that they may be on a law enforcement agency's shelf labeled as "unknown," Wayne reported.

"If you look at the missing children's Web site and you see all of the unidentified remains, it is heart-sickening," Culberson said. "With the technology available today, there's no reason to have unidentified remains."

The bill's sponsor said the new law would help match unknown remains.

"Ohio's database is able to track unidentified remains against samples submitted by family members," said Rep. Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green.

Supporters say it is vital for victims' families.

"Well, I would like to hope that her remains will be found," Culberson said. "But being a mother, I'm always going to hope."

More Information:
Court TV to Air MISSING Thurs. Dec 9th
Post by FindCarrie on Dec 3rd, 2004, 06:22am

Court TV's the System will be airing the segment on the disappearance of Carrie Culberson on Thursday, Dec. 9, 2004 at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard time.
Carrie Culberson Msg. Board Changes 12-3-04
Post by FindCarrie on Dec 3rd, 2004, 08:26am

I changed some threads and boards around just a few minutes ago on this board to make it more user friendly. I just wanted to post this note so that nobody would be confused. cheesy
Quick Facts About the Culberson Case
Post by FindCarrie on Dec 7th, 2004, 09:37am

A new page has been added for new vistors who come to Carrie's site. Our sister site has recommended that I do this and I've been taking too long, I know. The page is called Quick Facts About the Missing Girlfriend Case. This should give some insight to our viewers and others.
Cue Center Invitation
Post by FindCarrie on Dec 13th, 2004, 11:02am

The cool people of Cue Center in NC has invited us to attend their conference. We are ever so flattered to be considered.

Missing Persons Round Table Conference 2005
Hosted by: CUE Center for Missing Persons

Wilmington, N.C. – The CUE Center will host a round table conference April 2, 2005, and would like to invite your group to attend. The primary focus to bring together those who network on a daily basis for missing children and adults to better communicate, learn about each other’s services, unify a support system for families of the missing, and offer professional education in search and rescue. All attendees will receive certificates from agencies, as well as from the conference in general. Rooms and meals will be provided. This one-day networking conference will be powerful and we hope you will make plans to participate.

Please RSVP via e-mail or contact the CUE Center for Missing Persons at (910) 343-1131.

Each group that plans to attend should submit a bio on the organization or mission statement, logo or desired photo, photo of the founder with a brief bio for our press packet. When the conference is over, this information will be compiled into a book that will help all of us better serve the missing. A book will be mailed to each attendee as a useful tool and to reproduce.

Thanking you in advance for your much-needed participation in this important event.

As we remain in search of the missing

Monica Caison
CUE Founder 1994

To date, the nonprofit CUE Center has assisted more than 6,000 families in need by conducting searches and investigating cases, and by providing counseling and other services as needed.

You can learn more about CUE by visiting

Carrie Culberson's Website to Include More ...
Post by FindCarrie on Dec 14th, 2004, 09:20am

In an effort to better serve the missing person community, an extra page has been added to Others Missing on the main website. We know that some people do not visit message boards, and we want to make sure that anyone who has a website and is missing is available for those surfing to be able to find. Some of the missing people you will see on the new page are on the message board as well. We try to give every opportunity for you to see all these missing people. Our site cares about all those who are missing and murdered. If you know of a site that is not included here, please let me know. We will add it.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by answer on Dec 20th, 2004, 11:12am

hi findcarrie

you posted on Dru´s board

Carrie´s and Patrice´s cases

i mailed you a pm via the board

please contact Dr Maurice Godwin or is it cs-com

he helped in the search for Dru Sjodin, he is geographical profiler, he will do this again

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Dec 20th, 2004, 11:14am

on Dec 20th, 2004, 11:12am, answer wrote:
hi findcarrie

you posted on Dru´s board

Carrie´s and Patrice´s cases

i mailed you a pm via the board

please contact Dr Maurice Godwin or is it cs-com

he helped in the search for Dru Sjodin, he is geographical profiler, he will do this again

Thank you so much. I dont come over to that site very much. embarassed That's why I missed the PM. I'll do it.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Dec 20th, 2004, 4:59pm


A decision has been made to open the victim's harassers thread. Some of our moderators are not on the board but during various times of the day. I'm putting you as a moderator. This is so that our board can devote more time in the absence of others to the board in light of this controversial thread now being open.
Important Website Disclaimer
Post by FindCarrie on Jan 1st, 2005, 12:35pm

Carrie Culberson's website does not take money nor does it sell materials related to Carrie Culberson. Any outside entities that may be selling material pertaining to the case, no matter what the material may be, it is not approved by the Culberson family, and any money paid out for these materials is not received by the Culberson family. We also cannot be held liable for money lost due to a fradulant sale upon the internet.

The only approved website and chat forums for Carrie are on this website. Any new websites pertaining to Carrie Culberson are not linked to this website nor are the owned and operated by the people who developed this site.

If you have found material being sold or a forum that you feel is inappropriate, you are urged to contact us immediately @ FindCarrieCulberson@Yahoo.Com.

This message was approved by the Culberson family on Jan. 1, 2005

Important Date Approaching
Post by FindCarrie on Jan 6th, 2005, 08:02am

As many of you are already aware, Carrie Culberson's birthday is on January 31st.
As part of her birthday celebration, we are working towards completion of the refurbished angel tree. If anyone has any ideas to commerate this important date, please let me know. Carrie would be 31 on this date. The board will be doing things up until this day to recognize Carrie. All supporters of the Culbersons are asked to participte.

Continous Harassment
Post by FindCarrie on Jan 12th, 2005, 09:33am

After several of our group members, personal represented attorneys, and supporters spoke yesterday, I felt as if it was in the best interest of everyone involved to post this message today.
As many of you are aware, we have a group of people who do not agree with the courts findings regarding Vincent Doan and his brother Tracey Baker. They do not appreciate citizens of the community exercising our constitutional right to discuss the courts findings. I want to share with you all some of the things that have been going on. We recently had to report some inappropriate material that was posted on a board that contained people's home addresses, phone numbers and other derragatory messages. Because the rules were broken, actions were taken against them. The backlash from this was expected and it was very cruel and harsh to people that have NOTHING to do with Carrie Culberson.
As many of you are aware, I help other families who have missing and murdered loved ones, not just Carrie. Some of these other victims had messages left in their guestbooks that stated that they deserved to die and that they were some sort of derragatory name. I have received emails as well stating that they are friends of the family and demand to be allowed on the board without signing up and the emails were determined to come from the harassers IP address.
We have also had some of them impersonate a missing person's mom and dad to gain access to the board since we have blocked it from public view. These actions are disgusting and violate a lot of people, not just me who is the biggest target.
We have always supported the other side having their own area to support Doan because that is their right. HOwever, when they abuse their rights by doing things that are harmful others, they lose those priveledges. I am continously apalled by what I am seeing and having done to innocent people.
Please say a prayer for these missing people in the world and their poor families that are left to suffer. Please say a prayer that some dignity can be obtained for these defenseless people and that those who are responsible will be called down for actions that they know are wrong. We will continue to support finding Carrie and all these others. We will also prevail in our fight to stop this trash that is floating around doing these horrible things. These people's families see this stuff and it is aweful to read something like that about your missing loved one and you have no idea why it's happening. We intend to protect these precious families and we will STOP those who are doing this. May God have mercy on her twisted soul for all of this. This is just not right.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by klek27 on Jan 12th, 2005, 09:56am

My prayers are with each and every person who is missing a loved one, and I will continue to pray for them each and every day. God Bless!
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by HappyMommy on Jan 12th, 2005, 10:30am

shockedI cannot understand how people can be so cruel! I will keep those missing and their families in my thoughts and prayers.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Jan 12th, 2005, 10:56am

on Jan 12th, 2005, 10:30am, HappyMommy wrote:
shockedI cannot understand how people can be so cruel! I will keep those missing and their families in my thoughts and prayers.

I do not understand this either but it is digusting and very low down. These people are from the pits of hell. I thank GOD that I wont have to have this on my record once the breath leaves me because there will be a day when all these people will be held accountable for all of the things they have done and continue to do. I'm sorry to get so religous there but this is the way it is as bad as many wish it wasnt.
Cue Center Round Table Event For The Missing
Post by FindCarrie on Jan 18th, 2005, 4:56pm

I wanted to say that I've talked this over with my family and some other people who are attending this event to support the missing, and myself and mom are going to attend this event we were invited to. I am going to prepare our mission statement (and I will post that soon) and the material they need for our formal submission. I feel that this very important to let people know that we are working to bring awareness to some of these long term missing cases and to help work with the newer ones as well.
Debbie, I would really like to see you come on down and give the speech about Carrie and her story. No matter what our statement ends up being compiled of, it originates from my working with Carrie's case first.

This is something that I am gonna do and I will be there unless I have to be in California. California was my first obligation and I have to attend that event.

Our situation is unique because our family is the founders of AGH (Angel Garden of Hope). That would never have started if I had not taken on what I did in the beginning.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Jan 26th, 2005, 1:56pm

We have two important dates coming up this Sunday and Monday. Sunday is Debbie's birthday and Monday would've been Carrie's 31st birthday. If you want to do something to remember these two special dates, please consider sending an angel to Debbie for the angel tree. This is still something that is happening.

Thinking of the Culberson's always.

AGH to Attend Road To Remember For Kent Jacobs
Post by FindCarrie on Jan 27th, 2005, 12:20pm

We learned today that the Cue Center will be having a special event that will remember Kent Jacobs who vanished from North Carolina two years ago this March 10th. There will be a Road to Remember Tour that will begin on the 7th, go through all of North Carolina and then end at Kent Jacob’s residence. Members of the family, law enforcement, and those who help look for missing people can attend this event.

AGH will be attending this event to help remember Kent. It is very important to us to do all we can to help Kent.

As all of you are already aware, AGH (Angel Garden of Hope) is the organization my family founded because of Carrie. Our goal is to help circulate as many missing people as we can and to help find them. Carrie’s case has helped us to learn that we need to reach out to others who are going through this type of horrible event. It’s not all about us, it’s about all these missing people. We have to come together to find answers.

April will be a very busy month for us. We are going to the Cue Center’s Convention to help missing people on April 2nd and we also hope to attend the Annual Missing Person’s Day in New York the following weekend. Besides those two events we will be in California to support the Kristin Smart March looks to be at the end of April. All of these events are extremely important to us.

I am mentioning this event for Kent Jacobs, because one of the most active searchers for Kent is Dennis Mahon. He is the person who is currently in California putting this march for justice together for Kristin Smart. Dennis handles two other cases besides Kristin Smart. Those two are Kent Jacobs and Kristin Modaferri. As someone who supports Dennis is all his endeavors, our group will attend this event in North Carolina, because he will not be there obviously, and I know this means a lot to Dennis.

We know that Dennis would do the same for us in any instance that involved a missing person, especially Carrie.

It is our duty as those who have stepped forward to do all we can to help bring awareness to these individuals who are unable to speak for themselves right now. Please visit Kent’s website to learn more about his case.

Kent Jacob's Website:

Dennis' Main Website:

Dennis' Site for Kristin Modaferri:

His site for Kent Jacobs is not working at this time

Updated Buttons On The Way
Post by FindCarrie on Feb 3rd, 2005, 11:41am

A new batch of Carrie buttons are on the way. I wanted to share with you all the layout here. I'm going to take some of these to our conferences that we are all going to. I had these made in light of several requests for Carrie material from her supporters. We are looking to reorder the bumper stickers from last summer as well.

Once these come in, if you would like one, please let me know and we will get you one in the mail shortly.

User Image

These will be round buttons. This is just the computer generated photo of how they will look.
The Buttons Are Here
Post by FindCarrie on Feb 10th, 2005, 10:02am

Just a quick note that UPS delivered the buttons. If you would like one, please send me an email:


We will see what we can do to get you one.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by findlorne on Feb 10th, 2005, 11:33am

I have e-mailed you regarding the buttons.

I hope this turns up more awareness and helps to generate more hits to Carrie's site.
Someone, somewhere knows where she is ~ I truly hope that this will help bring answers.

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Feb 10th, 2005, 12:20pm


I'm gonna send you something so you can in turn send me one back for Lorne. I'd like one of his buttons and one of his bios if you have it still
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Feb 10th, 2005, 1:59pm

An individual has asked us why we find it necessary to have buttons made that say "Find Carrie" when her mother had her declared deceased.

Answer: We are still trying to find Carrie's remains (because she is missing and dead) and being that those remains were once Carrie Culberson, we are in our legal boundaries to put "find carrie" on them.

A person can be two things at one time. Missing and Dead. Send us your address.... we'll drop you one in the mail.
Trip To Support the Smart March
Post by FindCarrie on Feb 14th, 2005, 10:59am

Just wanted to let you all know that it looks like I'll be flying out of Atlanta on May 12th to San Luis Obispo California. I'm gonna go a few days early so I can visit with Dennis and the Smarts.
We will be landing back in Atlanta on the 16th. This thing is under way and we are all excited. All those who want to go, please let me know so we can help get you squared away.

Carrie Featured on Find Monica.Org
Post by FindCarrie on Feb 15th, 2005, 08:07am

Carrie is featured on one of my friend's website as this week's out of state featured missing person. Please visit this link to view the information for Carrie.

Thank you Donny for doing this

Carrie Culberson Yahoo Group
Post by FindCarrie on Feb 24th, 2005, 12:24pm

Please be advised that any Yahoo groups that contain information regarding the disappearance of Carrie Culberson are of no relation to this website or it's owners. Please use caution when using this group as there are some questionable members residing inside. If you have any questions or concerns about this group, you are asked to contact one of admin here on this board immediately.

Carrie Culberson Bumper Stickers
Post by FindCarrie on Feb 24th, 2005, 7:03pm

Some of you have inquired about Carrie's bumper stickers. We had some new ones made this last summer. They were a test run. The photo I used was not the best quality. It looks better in person than this scan I am about to attach. We put August 29, 1996 because Carrie disappeared in between 11:30 p.m and 12 midnight. Her death was on or about midnight so that time margin would move it over to August 29th. I am out of my stock of stickers for Carrie. Ms. Culberson has the remaining stock. I sent her most of them because she is Carrie's mom. If you want one we will see about getting you one.

I know that some of you have been asking for Carrie material and we will get more things for those who wish to show their support. The best bet right now is the buttons. They turned out great.

User Image
Culberson Segment Goes for Narration
Post by FindCarrie on Mar 4th, 2005, 06:58am

For those of you who have been waiting patiently for information on when the segment that was filmed back in November for American Justice will air we have a tibit here.
We now know that the segment has gone over to the man who narrates it. So we are one step closer. An exact date is still not in place but we think it wont be too much longer shocked
Looking forward to seeing this show!
Carrie Culberson's Mother Trains Domestic Abuse ..
Post by FindCarrie on Mar 4th, 2005, 11:02pm

CarriesMom - Debbie Culberson
User Image

Carrie Culberson's Mother Trains Domestic Abuse Counselors
Culberson's daughter victim of domestic violence
Culberson shares her daughter's story with trainees
Domestic violence program first for Fayette County
Women at training session
Reported by: Jennifer Steiner
Web produced by: Neil Relyea
Photographed by: 9News
2/21/2005 11:26:08 PM

The mother of a Blanchester woman murdered by her former boyfriend is working to keep the same thing from happening to other women.

Debbie Culberson helped train volunteers at a new domestic violence support center in Fayette County.

Before this program got underway, victims of domestic violence in that county had no where to go to get help.

That's why Culberson is pitching in, to get the program up and running -- and because eight years ago her daughter needed help, too, and never got it.

"My daughter Carrie was murdered in August of 1996 by her former boyfriend," said Culberson.

Culberson hopes sharing her daughter's story will give other Tri-state women a fighting chance.

A chance Carrie never had.

"A lot of the stuff that happened, I didn't know until after the fact," said Culberson.

Culberson said Carrie was truly fearful for her life before she disappeared.

She says her daughter died at the hands of her former boyfriend -- Vincent Doan.

Although he's behind bars, serving time for her murder -- Carrie's body has never been found.

Now there are women are learning about the abuse Carrie endured, so they can be there for other women.

"At the time of Carrie's disappearance, there was nothing available to Carrie in our area," said Culberson.

"One of the big things that we're trying to do is just get the basic awareness out there, whole scope of the dynamics," said Culberson.

The women gathered at Monday night's training session are wrapping up more than eight weeks of training to help them better assist victims of domestic abuse.

They're volunteers with a new domestic violence outreach program, called "My Sister's House."

It's called "My Sister's House" because one of .... by her live in boyfriend.

Volunteers will be available at all hours -- to help give abuse victims the information and support they need to get out, before it's too late.

"I think the more that is available to the young women, or a woman in any abusive situation, the easier it is," said Culberson. "It takes several times for a woman to leave."

"My Sister's House" is still evolving. The women are working to secure a shelter of their own, so they don't have to refer women to other shelters further away.

If you would like to make a donation -- or if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence in the Fayette County area, you can call "My Sister's House" at area code (740) 636-9300.
Carrie Added to Doe Network Database
Post by FindCarrie on Mar 4th, 2005, 11:06pm

Carrie has been included now on the Doe Network database. I am going to contact Todd Matthews to make a few minor corrections, but in whole, I am very glad to see this finally listed.
Vigil Held In Morrow For Missing Girl
Post by FindCarrie on Mar 6th, 2005, 3:03pm

The family and friends of Jessica Lunsford are praying for her safe return.

At a candlelight vigil in Morrow Saturday night, tears fell amidst prayers and song.

Lunsford has been missing for more than 10 days from her home in Citrus County, Florida, just north of Tampa.

Her mother Angie Bryant, who lives in Morrow, has taken leave from her job to be in Florida while they search for clues in her daughter's disappearance.

Her step-son Josh is trying to stay strong for his step-sister and her family.

"I'm holding up as good as I can but I feel crushed right now, said Josh Bryant, Jessica's step-brother, "and I know I'm going to have to deal with the way everybody will change -- but I'm trying to stay strong."

Among those there at the vigil were two parents who know the pain.

Debbie Culberson, mother of Carrie Culberson, and Greg Baker, father of Erica Baker, came to Morrow to lend their moral support.

Culberson said she came because she wanted to be there for Jessica's family just as others have been there for her over the years.

And Greg Baker, who drove all the way from the Dayton area, said he wants to know when the disappearances will end.

Also at the vigil, a bluegrass gospel ensemble offering their music as support.

User Image

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Mar 6th, 2005, 8:46pm


I want you to know that I am very proud of you and Erica's dad, Greg.
I also want you to know that I appreciate you sharing these other stories of missing and murdered ladies around the area where you all live. Some of these people are precious people and have brightened my day by talking with them.

Me, mom, Sarah Teague, DeDe, Louise, and Donny all cannot wait till that plane lands in NC on April 1st. Looking forward to hearing your tell the story about Carrie in person. Your help to these other families have given so many people inspiration and determination that they didnt think they had until they saw the work you do.

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by Onlymerk on Mar 6th, 2005, 9:35pm

When I look at Debbie Culberson and what she has done, I see fortitude, strength, courage and tremendous love. A lesser person would have never made it through the path she was forced to take.
And would have never found the compassion and selflessness to do the outreach work she does. If you want to learn about the triumphant, human spirit, read about Debbie Culberson.

Congratulations Debbie !

You are a very, classy, Lady and a role model to us all.

Keep up the good Work! smiley

Body Not Believed to Be Culbersons
Post by FindCarrie on Mar 18th, 2005, 11:08pm

In light of the two bodies that have been found in Hillsboro, OH. Authorities made the statement that they DO NOT believe that the second body is that of Carrie Culberson who at this time is still missing without a trace. Several people have written to us concerned about these findings.

Below is an excerpt from the actual article:

The sheriff said that based on the ongoing investigation, he does not believe there is any connection between the victim found Thursday and former Blanchester resident Carrie Culberson, who has been missing since 1996.

Please read the entire article here:
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by ziggygirl on Mar 19th, 2005, 1:57pm

Check this out....
Fogt knew Messer.....he assaulted him the same year the first woman was murdered. Could Fogt have been running his mouth thus the assault?

Case Number: CRA 9800727
Defendant(s): Fogt, Michael D

Fogt Linked to Culberson?
Post by FindCarrie on Mar 21st, 2005, 09:57am

Thank you Barron for this article

User Image

User Image
Police: Suspect Not Linked To Culberson Case
Post by FindCarrie on Mar 22nd, 2005, 06:44am

HILLSBORO, Ohio -- In the area of Highland County, talk of unsolved murders immediately provokes discussion about the missing Blanchester woman, Carrie Culberson, News 5's Brian Hamrick reported.
Culberson disappeared from Blanchester in August 1996. Her remains were never found.

Although there are interesting links between the buried bodies and the Culberson case, the Highland County sheriff said he is convinced there is no connection between the cases.
Investigators are certain the man accused in the buried bodies cases, Michael Fogt, was not involved in any way with Culberson's disappearance, but he is accused in three other cases, Hamrick reported.

Fogt is accused of killing his girlfriend, Cynthia Pickens, whose body was found in a shallow grave under a floor in the body shop Fogt used to own.

Fogt is also a suspect in the murder of Martha Perry, the sheriff said. The body of Perry, also known as Martha Behymer, was found stuffed in a barrel and buried under concrete at the home where Fogt's parents live, Hamrick reported.

Shawn Deardoff was also charged over the weekend with assaulting Shane Neuhaus, who disappeared in 2003. Neuhaus was last seen being beaten in the body shop where Pickens' body was found.

Investigators said they are still trying to determine if Fogt could have played a role in Neuhaus' disappearance.

"We do know that he came up missing during which time he was working for Mr. Fogt," the sheriff said.

Fogt was arraigned Monday and ordered held on $500,000 bond.

Stay tuned to WLWT and refresh for additional information.

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by kungfu on Mar 24th, 2005, 5:27pm

I was reading somewhere that Carrie's best friend's parents lived next door to fogt. I was just wondering if this was true.
Also it says that V. Doan didn't know Jarrod Messer at all and that Carrie did.
What is up with that story?

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Mar 24th, 2005, 5:56pm

on Mar 24th, 2005, 5:27pm, kungfu wrote:
I was reading somewhere that Carrie's best friend's parents lived next door to fogt. I was just wondering if this was true.
Also it says that V. Doan didn't know Jarrod Messer at all and that Carrie did.
What is up with that story?

I think your information is incorrect. Your IP also tells me that you are on my board from the Baker crew. Whats up with that story? Hmmmmmhuh?
There are no coincidences – or are there?
Post by FindCarrie on Mar 26th, 2005, 08:07am

There's an old saying among investigative reporters that maintains "there are no coincidences." Quite possibly, professional criminal investigators and detectives operate under a similar premise. In other words, if it walks like a duck and if it talks like a duck, chances are pretty good it's not an elephant.

This week's headlines on the Michael Fogt murder case(s) provided a good number of coincidences – coincidences to an almost 9-year-old murder case and coincidences to a month-old, multi-county drug case.

For review, these "coincidences" include:

• Fogt had a common associate, if not a direct relationship, to one Vince Doan, who was convicted of murdering Carrie Culberson. Culberson's body has not been found.

• Law enforcement officials last spring searched the property of this common associate, Jarrod Messer, for clues in the Culberson case.

• Fogt allegedly assaulted Messer several years ago. Messer, allegedly, was less than forthcoming in testifying against Fogt. Why?

• At the time of Culberson's disappearance, Fogt lived about a mile from the property being searched in 2004.

• Fast forward to 2005, and you'll find that Fogt lived next to other criminal suspects, in Ty Baker and Bobby Davis.

That's a lot of coincidences, to be sure. And, not being a very smart person myself, I think it's important to sort these coincidences out by writing them down and seeing if the dots do connect.

However, let's state here and now that this newspaper has nothing whatsoever that ties the Fogt homicides to any other drug-related charges against Baker or Davis. In fact, we are henceforth proceeding under the presumption that these are two separate criminal cases.

Unless other charges are filed or other information becomes available, that's how it should be – in all fairness to both cases.


Since this newspaper first reported on these high-profile cases, and with all subsequent stories, the thought-process behind the coverage has been this: Be accurate, be fair, be informative to the general public and be beholden to no one.

Basically, that's how any good newspaper operates. It's a good policy. Even beyond the confines of the cynical newsrooms.

Very rarely have I told you about public officials who try to follow these same general principles. More often, you'll hear my rants about this officeholder who's already spent your next tax dollar or that officeholder who can't wait to spend it or some other officeholder who plans to demand more of it.

Highland County residents ought to know this, though. Your county sheriff works most diligently to do the right things and to protect and serve the people. We are fortunate to have many dedicated, hard-working public officials in this county, but for my money, they don't come much better than Sheriff Ron Ward (although he won't like me for saying so).

I don't know this for a fact, but I can imagine the sheriff's days lately have far exceeded the customary 8-hour routine. (Taxpayers don't worry: he doesn't get overtime.) I also can imagine that some of these cases tend to get kind of personal in a small town like Hillsboro. That's too bad. People love to blame the enforcer of the laws – or the messenger who reports the crimes – but each and every one of us has the personal responsibility to obey the law. When we make personal choices to overstep the legal boundaries, we should not blame those entrusted to uphold the laws of the land for our own transgressions.

From this perspective, the community should be damned thankful that we have police and sheriff's departments willing to tackle these criminal elements, who are a potential danger to all of us.


Lastly, one of the crucial pieces to these criminal cases is the ability to prosecute them in a fair and judicious manner.

Like Forrest Gump, I'm not a smart man. But I hear words like "fair and judicious" and I often think about words like "cruel and unusual."

"Cruel" is in the eye of the beholder. But "unusual" is a legal loophole word, because if all cases were properly prosecuted, there would be nothing "unusual" in the sentences for convicted felons.

Someone once argued with me that the death penalty is "cruel and unusual." No, it isn't. It can be executed (pun intended) by the same sedative procedure as having your wisdom teeth removed. And if states did it often enough, there would be nothing "unusual" about it.

Now, I don't want to convict any career felon in the newspaper; but if I did, I'd probably have a better conviction record than some elected officials. Recently, I was challenged (implored, actually) in a public courtroom to bring any questionable case(s) to the court's attention. This challenge, I have accepted. In future articles, I may endeavor to find reasonable explanations why more than 75 criminal cases in this county have been reduced to misdemeanors or dismissed.

I was told in February "the court's obligation is to apply the law evenly and fairly even though the court's action may be unpopular to some or even all of the community." Let us hope that is, indeed, the case. And by no means is there any suggestion here that it isn't. But sometimes even good public officials like ours need a little "encouragement."

Because I'd really hate to suggest that you, the taxpaying citizens of Highland County, start requesting the public records on court cases such as 04CR172 or 03CR189 or 04CR062 or 04CR032 or 04CR041 or 03CR299 or good ol' 03CR072, where an alleged rapist of children gets out of jail on time served for a misdemeanor. Folks, these are your records. Please, look them up at the clerk of courts office. Read up on these cases, then I've got 70 more for you if you have time.

You have a local law enforcement body that can only do so much. If the prosecution is not followed through, their efforts at stopping crime are pointless. Granted, plea bargains and reductions in charges are all necessary parts of the legal process – and not every arrest has the bona fide evidence and cooperative witnesses needed for a full conviction. However, the reductions in all these sentences ought to be a little less accommodating for the alleged felons.

It's time to give the court-appointed defense lawyers a little more competition.

Rory Ryan is publisher and editor of The Times-Gazette.

There are a lot of coincidences. And, not being a very smart person myself, I think it's important to sort these coincidences out by writing them down and seeing if the dots do connect.

Court TV to reair Missing- 4-15-05
Post by FindCarrie on Apr 8th, 2005, 11:17pm

Court TV will be reairing the segment regarding Carrie's disappearance on Friday, April 15, 2005 at 8 p.m. EST and again at Midnight EST.
Re: Court TV to reair Missing- 4-15-05
Post by ptucker on Apr 9th, 2005, 1:25pm

I am glad that I finally get to watch it. I have missed it the times that it aired before.
Dept. of Justice - Identifying the Missing Conf.
Post by FindCarrie on Apr 12th, 2005, 09:50am

Ms. Culberson will be attending the Dept of Justice meeting titled "Identifying the Missing" at the end of April. I wanted to post this as support for her. We were so very sad that at the last minute she was unable to attend the Cue Center Round Table Conference with me and mom.

She is very much for this DNA law being passed that mandates all human remains be put into a system to determine their origin. Nobody should be left to wonder if the remains in question are their missing loved one.

I hope that this meeting is beneficial for all these people who are attending. Please have a safe trip.

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by wnkr on Apr 15th, 2005, 11:51am

I was curious if there is some kind of petition I could sign or a website I could visit to support the law of dna logging of unidentified remains?
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Apr 15th, 2005, 12:27pm

on Apr 15th, 2005, 11:51am, wnkr wrote:
I was curious if there is some kind of petition I could sign or a website I could visit to support the law of dna logging of unidentified remains?

At this time, I dont that there is. We are working towards that at this time.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Apr 29th, 2005, 1:57pm

Wishing Ms. Culberson a great trip to the Identifying the Missing Meeting that is being held today and tomorrow in PA.
Carrie on AETV 5-25-05
Post by FindCarrie on May 7th, 2005, 2:13pm

AETV's American Justice will be airing the NEW show that was filmed back in November about Carrie's disappearance and murder. The show will come on Wednesday, May 25, 2005 beginning @ 8 PM EST . We have all been anxiosly awaiting this new show. It will be approximately an hour long and it will include several interviews from those who were near Carrie before she vanished and of course from the convicted killer Vincent Doan. This show be vary from the previous shows on Dateline, Lifetime and CTV. Hope you all can watch
Carrie Culberson Newsletter
Post by FindCarrie on May 10th, 2005, 1:10pm

Find Carrie now has a newsletter that will be coming out periodically. If you would like to join our list, please sign up by following the link at the bottom of this forum.

Yahoo Group in Violation Goes Down
Post by FindCarrie on Jun 9th, 2005, 07:10am

Please be advised that Yahoo has removed the Find Carrie Culberson Yahoo group that we've filed complaint on.

There are no Yahoo group affiliated with us.

What Happened to Carrie Culberson to Reair 6-21-05
Post by FindCarrie on Jun 18th, 2005, 11:14pm

Tuesday June 21, 2005, AETV will be reairing the new show that came out a few weeks ago titled What Happened to Carrie Culberson. It will begin @ 7 PM EST.

Thinking of Carrie always. Still looking for you girl.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by brightstars on Jun 19th, 2005, 9:25pm


I would like to sign up for the newsletter.

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by gibbler on Jun 27th, 2005, 11:43pm

I would like to recieve the newsletter also
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 19th, 2005, 7:39pm

I would like the whole world and those who see this limo drive up with Tracey Baker tomorrow that they are so advertising to know that this celebration is not one of an exoneration, it's one of the court having to let him out because he's served the maximum sentence they are able to give him when an investigation has been bungled.

Let us remember that the Culberson family will never be able to hug, write to or see Carrie again. We wont ever get the opportunity to drive the streets smiling with Carrie. We can only pray that some day it will be revealed where her remains are so that we may lay them from one cold and dark burial into another that gives her some dignity with a head stone.

We shall continue to put our faith in God Almighty because in the end he will be the final judge in all these horrible things we are made to witness and endure

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by brightstars on Sep 20th, 2005, 01:36am


Amen and may God bring Justice for Carrie and her family.

It makes my heart sick, on how benign the Doan/Baker distorted thoughts are to have a limo.

God does not deliver limos, God delivers the Justice and Love for all those who loves and trusts in him. For those who believes in God, will be given a place in heaven with him.

For the Family and Friends of Carrie, the light that guides us is within our hearts is the most important thing we possess and this light is an Angel that God has given us. The only thing that can blind us from this light, is the negative thoughts of those who has done the evil among us. .

Keep Carrie's Memories Alive

Man Convicted Of Tampering With Evidence Released
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 21st, 2005, 7:26pm

A man convicted of trying to cover up the murder of a Clinton County woman is now out of prison.

Tracey Baker of Blanchester was sentenced to eight years in 1998.

He was convicted of tampering with evidence in connection with the murder of Carrie Culberson.

Baker's half brother, Vince Doan, was Culberson's boyfriend.

Doan was convicted of murder and sentenced to life without parole.

Culberson's body has never been found.

Baker must report to a parole officer for one year.
Culberson case figure released from prison
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 22nd, 2005, 05:26am

By William A. Weathers
Enquirer staff writer
Tracey Baker, convicted of obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence in the 1996 disappearance and death of Blanchester resident Carrie Culberson, was released from prison this week after completing an eight-year sentence.

Baker, the half-brother of Vincent Doan, who was convicted of kidnapping and killing Culberson, was released from the London Correctional Institution Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction said Wednesday.

Baker was released after he completed his sentence, the official said. He was given credit for 301 days he spent in jail before his conviction. He began serving his prison sentence on July, 21, 1998.

Culberson, 22, was last seen on Aug. 28, 1996. Her body was never found.

In August 1997, a Clinton County jury convicted Doan, who was Culberson's boyfriend, of kidnapping and aggravated murder for her death. Doan is serving a life sentence at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility.

During the trial, prosecutors claimed Doan abused Culberson during their relationship and the physical assaults eventually led to her death.

Doan maintained he knew nothing about her disappearance.

A jury convicted Baker in June 1998 of helping Doan cover up Culberson's killing. Baker denied any

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by ziggygirl on Sep 22nd, 2005, 10:59am

That is all very disturbing.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by HappyMommy on Sep 22nd, 2005, 1:28pm

Did they really deliver him in a limo? That's absurd. Anything to get attention.... I really feel for the Culberson's. sad

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 22nd, 2005, 1:50pm

He had some desperate hill billie woman pay to have him picked up in a limo and then they probably all went back to the trailer park for a party. Maybe they'll pick him up in a limo when he's delivered @ the gates of hell some blessed day.

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by ziggygirl on Sep 22nd, 2005, 3:54pm

on Sep 22nd, 2005, 1:28pm, HappyMommy wrote:
Did they really deliver him in a limo? That's absurd. Anything to get attention.... I really feel for the Culberson's. sad

I do too! Hopefully he moves somewhere far away.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 22nd, 2005, 8:12pm

Man Convicted In Carrie Culberson Case Finishes Prison Sentence
Article Mentions Find Carrie Culberson Website

One of the men tied to one of the most infamous murder cases in Tri-state history is now out of jail.

Tracey Baker was convicted in connection with the disappearance and death of Carrie Culberson.

Baker was found guilty of obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence in 1998.

Baker, who completed his eight-year sentence Tuesday, is the half-brother of is Vincent Doan.

Doan is serving a life sentence for kidnapping and killing Culberson, who disappeared in august 1996.

Culberson's body has never been found.

The Ghost of Carrie Culberson
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The ghost of Carrie Culberson

By Heather Y. Miller

The first time I heard the name Carrie Culberson in August 1996, I was in the throws of planning my first wedding. I was too distracted to feel the full impact of what was happening in small-town Blanchester, but
over the years questions about what happened to her have haunted me.

I began to take a bigger interest in the case once my own personal drama died down and when the courtcase dominated the local media in 1997.
I related to Culberson. She was only three weeks older than I; we graduated from high school the same year. She was into fashion and tanning and getting her nails done. She fell for the wrong guy. She loved her clunky Doc Martins. Everything I read about her felt familiar, as though we could've hung out in the same circles.

Luckily, we had some differences too -- most notably that I've never been in a physically abusive relationship. Hearing Culberson's story made me realize how fortunate I am in that respect.

Initially, I hoped that the runaway theory would prove true and Culberson would re-appear at her home safe and sound. Once I started to hear the history of her relationship with Vincent Doan, however, I became
less optimistic.

When the trial began and the details of Culberson's last night were known, I knew she was dead. When Doan was convicted of her murder in June
1997, I was overjoyed. I'm still overjoyed that he didn't get away with it. I hope it sent a strong message to abusive assholes everywhere: Beat on a woman and you're going to jail.

In April and May last year, I held my breath and prayed that Culberson's remains would be found underneath the concrete floor of a barn in
Clinton County. The search began on April 30 and lasted for two weeks. Culberson wasn't found.

I hoped that the few items taken from the dig site would point the way to her location, but unfortunately no one is any closer to finding her.
Seeing the photos in the newspaper of Culberson's mom and sister, with looks of hope and anxiety on their faces, gave me a horrible feeling of heaviness. For a moment, it was almost as though I could feel the burden they carry every day.

Culberson has now been missing for over nine years.

I've wondered from time to time why this case affects me as it does. The first time I read the chronology of events that led up to and after Culberson's disappearance, I couldn't help but sob quietly at the grisly details surrounding her death. The eyewitness account of Doan beating her in a neighbor's front yard provides enough foreshadowing of the violence that ended her life.

The eyewitness testimony of Lori Baker is what makes me nauseous, though, stating that at around 3:45 a.m. Doan and his half-brother Tracey Baker left Baker's residence with garbage bags and a gun. They arrived back at the Baker residence at 6 a.m., covered in blood.

The thought I can't get out of my head -- what did they do to her? Was she dead by the time Doan arrived at his half-brother's house at 3:45 a.m. or was she just beaten unconscious? Or even worse, was she beaten
badly enough that she couldn't get help but was still alive and
conscious? Did they dispose of her body or kill her after they returned a second time? I try not to dwell on the thoughts too long; it's too horrible to recreate the gruesome possibilities of Culberson's last moments.

I sometimes pass by the sand volleyball place where she spent her last night alive, playing a volleyball game with friends. I can't drive past without thinking of her. I breathe a deep breath and, regardless of
what is going on in my life, I am grateful to be alive. Her spirit is a friendly one, one that reminds me that, while her life ended at 22, mine continues at 31. She reminds me of the time I still have left.

I hope at some point, Culberson's remains will be found. Until that time, I pray for her family and hope that at some point, someone's conscience will push them to let Culberson's family have the closure they
need. I hope that Culberson haunts those who know what happened to her.

Carrie's Online Blog
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We have had Carrie's blog for quite some time now. I am going to begin using it since we've been having success with Sueann's. Here is the url below:
Local couple turn grief into domestic violence pre
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Monroe: Local couple turn grief into domestic violence prevention
Teenage daughter shot, killed by her jealous boyfriend
MONROE — If Jim and Elsa Croucher can save one family from enduring the pain they experienced 13 years ago, their mission is worth it, they said.

Throughout the past 10 years they have presented their story to more than 50,000 Ohio students, and each time the surprised gasps of students could be heard, they said.

Projected on a giant screen during the Friday morning assembly at Monroe High School was the senior portrait of a smiling 18-year-old Monroe student from the early 1990s.

Her parents had left for work already, and she was sound asleep in bed when her possessive and jealous boyfriend broke into the home and shot her. Next he shot himself. She was Tina, the Croucher’ daughter.

A perpetual nightmare, the Crouchers are still dealing with the grief from a tragedy they would have given anything to prevent.

Because they can’t change the past, the couple has made it their life’s work to help protect the lives of future generations.

Citizens Against Domestic Violence — an organization they founded in 1996 — specifically targets students to educate them about the dangers of violent dating relationships.

“If we’re going to make a difference, we’ve got to get to the young people,” Jim Croucher said. “If we could keep a little girl alive that means everything to us.”

Each time they tell their story, they pray they will have touched someone in the audience.

Amber Johnes, one of the 90 Monroe freshmen health students at the assembly, said she will be much more aware of abuse in the future.

“If I see it I will try to help instead of looking over it,” she said. “I didn’t know there was that much abuse and that it was that common.”

Some of the topics addressed include the signs of an abusive relationship, such as jealousy and rage. They also give advice on how to get out such a situation. In the past, the Crouchers have helped numerous women escape danger.

They also have been able to prevent it.

Boys will come up and hug the couple, saying they never realized they were abusers, she said. One even brought his girlfriend over and vowed never to hit her again.

While the Crouchers’ story packs a powerful punch, students also hear several personal testimonies during the assemblies.

Miami University graduate and Butler County court advocate Etta Caver shows students images of her black and blue face. The minister and director of the Dream Center in Middletown said she is a survivor of domestic violence.

That always gets the attention of students, Jim Croucher said.

Debbie Culberson speaks about her slain daughter, Carrie, whose body still has never been found. Her abusive boyfriend is now in prison for murder.

Amy Rezos-Jones is a recent addition to the team. The graphic photos of her bleeding head are flashed across the screen, illustrating the bullet wound she received when her husband shot her after getting out of jail on bond just days after a previous attempt on her life.

The Liberty Township mother of two now has a law named after her.

“Amy’s Law” was established in Ohio to tighten requirements for setting bond in domestic violence cases.

After each presentation, students are given a folder with information, self-esteem boosters and words of encouragement.

Education is the answer to preventing violence, Elsa Croucher said.

“We want to keep them alive.”
Culberson's mother testifies in D.C.
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WASHINGTON - The mother of an Ohio murder victim urged lawmakers at a congressional hearing Wednesday to enact nationwide mandatory testing of unidentified remains.

Debra Culberson's daughter, Carrie, of Blanchester, was kidnapped and murdered in 1996.

Her ex-boyfriend, Vincent Doan, was convicted of the murder in 1997, though a body was never found.

Over the years, the Culberson family has chased wild leads about the whereabouts of Carrie Culberson's body, to no avail.

There is no mandate to require testing of unidentified remains.

"DNA may be the only way that I will be able to find my daughter," Culberson said. "But unless there is mandatory testing ... the unidentified dead will remain unidentified."

Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Westwood, who chaired the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution hearing, has helped secure some money to test unidentified remains through the Victims' Rights Act.

During the hearing, which examined the 2-year-old act, Chabot said he plans to introduce legislation to help crime victims collect restitution.
Congress urged to act on missing persons database
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User Image

Local police and law enforcement agencies in other cities could benefit from a new national database. It would help find missing people and identify the remains of those already recovered.

Debra Culberson has a mission that stems from ten years of painful and sometimes horrifying frustration. The pain began with the murder of her daughter Carrie in 1996 and the fact that Carrie's body has still not been found. A website dedicated to her case still pleads for information.

The horror came with rumors her body had been dismembered before being dumped in the Ohio River and the wondering if it's true.

"The not knowing of where your child is, not knowing the fate they had suffered. You can only imagine," said Culberson.

The uncertainty is similar to that surrounding cases in Indiana like the disappearance of six-year-old Shannon Sherrill, missing since 1986 from Thorntown and IUPUI student Molly Dattilo, last seen two years ago.

"That's not all that unusual in this country, where people are literally missing and maybe in another state and they're not necessarily identified and so the family members never find out what happened," said Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH).

Debra Culberson told members of Congress states should be required to run DNA tests on all remains found so they could be put in a national database. She says another state might already have her daughter.

"If they picked up those remains and put them in a box and put them on a shelf because there is no mandatory testing, then Carrie could already be found and sitting in a box on a shelf," Culberson said.

She says such a database could not only find her daughter but many others. "You'd think it would be something that should automatically be done. It shouldn't have to be mandated."

As it stands now, there are only six states where DNA tests of remains are required. Indiana is not one of them. That could change if Congress decides to make it mandatory everywhere.

Carrie Culbertson disappeared near Cincinnati. Her mother says there are as many as 50,000 unidentified remains nationwide.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
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on Sep 22nd, 2005, 8:12pm, FindCarrie wrote:
Man Convicted In Carrie Culberson Case Finishes Prison Sentence
Article Mentions Find Carrie Culberson Website

One of the men tied to one of the most infamous murder cases in Tri-state history is now out of jail.

Tracey Baker was convicted in connection with the disappearance and death of Carrie Culberson.

Baker was found guilty of obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence in 1998.

Baker, who completed his eight-year sentence Tuesday, is the half-brother of is Vincent Doan.

Doan is serving a life sentence for kidnapping and killing Culberson, who disappeared in august 1996.

Culberson's body has never been found.

I'm curious, now that this guy is out of jail, why the heck isn't law enforcement leaning on him? You'd think after serving 8 years he'd be ready to talk.
Why hasn't Vincent's Father been intensely questioned?

I just don't understand this, the circumstantial evidence that shows they know where her body is, is overwhelming, I have no idea what's going on in Ohio Law circles.

Ma'am, I am deeply saddened to know this is still lingering, I pray for you and your family.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
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on Jul 25th, 2006, 3:20pm, gonlaz wrote:
I'm curious, now that this guy is out of jail, why the heck isn't law enforcement leaning on him? You'd think after serving 8 years he'd be ready to talk.
Why hasn't Vincent's Father been intensely questioned?

I just don't understand this, the circumstantial evidence that shows they know where her body is, is overwhelming, I have no idea what's going on in Ohio Law circles.

Ma'am, I am deeply saddened to know this is still lingering, I pray for you and your family.

Well in retrospect if you'd just gotten eight years for assisting with a murder, and you were out scott free, you'd be glad to get it all behind you, therefore you probably would do like Tracey Baker has done and head on OUT of Ohio to Florida (I believe that is where I was told he is now residing). There is not really a lot you can do after a criminal has served the amount of time they were given. I do however question why somebody so friggin innocent would get out of jail and move so so so far away from their home town? Ran one time before, maybe heading this one off again before the Clinton County prosecutor's office is able to find something else out since this investigation is always open.
Possibly he's visting Richard Payton who I hear is now teaching students in Florida. For those of you who don't remember, he's that worthless police chief who didn't secure the pond on the Baker property that later caused the million dollar law suit. He decided to turn tail and run after he was fired and escaped jail time for his role in the cover-up -LOL
Once again, this is only speculation but I do have full faith in the District Attorney's Office in that town. We do intend to keep looking for her until she's found. Yes it has gone on WAY too LONG.

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
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Regarding Tracey and the former Police Chief (one more question about him if you do not mind, why did he protect their family by stopping the search in the lake? Was he good friends with the father?)

I live in Orlando, there are so many transients and shady characters down here, honestly I am not too suprised that both men came here, it's easy to "get lost" down here. Do you know what city they are in? I suppose it would be harrassment to make people aware of who they are?
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
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on Jul 26th, 2006, 06:39am, gonlaz wrote:
Regarding Tracey and the former Police Chief (one more question about him if you do not mind, why did he protect their family by stopping the search in the lake? Was he good friends with the father?)

I live in Orlando, there are so many transients and shady characters down here, honestly I am not too suprised that both men came here, it's easy to "get lost" down here. Do you know what city they are in? I suppose it would be harrassment to make people aware of who they are?

In Blanchester during 1996, the police department was corrupt. This was found to be true. This is not me just speaking my thoughts with no backing. Richard Payton and the small police dept. were out on the Baker property on Sept. 3rd. just a few days after Carrie Culberson's Aug. 28th disappearance. A cadaver trained dog alerted on the "pond" - not lake located on Lawrence Baker's property - father of Carrie's boyfriend Vince Doan that human remains were inside the pond. The police were asked - do we need to post a guard overnight because they were unable to drain the pond till the next morning. Payton said - NO - I want everyone out of here - GO HOME. I've got this one under control. Nobody was posted there that night. All of this happened and the Culberson family had NO knowledge of it and had they known this - they would have been sitting there. Anyway..... once daylight came and the draining began, once the water left the pond, as you've probably seen umteen times on court tv and other shows, there were footprints coming and out of the pond and mud allover the grass.
Because of Payton's inability to secure the pond, Carrie Culberson's retrievable remains were removed from the pond and taken to a location that we have been denied now for coming up on 10 years. There is a whole news article database on her website where you can read about the trials of all three of the people charged in connection to her case.
For all those who read and dislike me for my stance on finding Carrie, we just want her body home for a burial. I'm the nicest person you'll ever meet and I don't understand why we can't just have that one thing we've been denied.
You also asked me about locations of the others. Even if I knew that information, we could not and would not release that.

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
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Well, if I ever meet a stranger somewhere named Tracey Baker I will keep an eye out, God Bless you Ma'am
Debra Culberson Spins The Wheel of Justice
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The Wheel of Justice is spinning again. So far 25 spins have resulted in 31 arrests.

This week's special guest spinner is Debbie Culberson. Her daughter, Carrie Culberson, went missing 10 years ago. Monday will mark the day of her disappearance. Debbie plans to spend the day honoring a fallen Clinton County officer, Deputy Bud Lee. Deputy Lee was killed while trying to stop a rape.

This week's Wheel focus is put on Kenneth Jeter. He is wanted out of Hamilton County for 16 felonies including parole violation, felonious assault and burglary. Authorities say Jeter should be considered armed and dangerous.

If you have any information on any of these fugitives, call CrimeStoppers at 352-3040. You will remain anonymous and could earn a $500 reward from our CrimeStopper Community Partner.
Recognition, intervention keys to stopping domesti
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BLANCHESTER - Recognizing domestic violence and trying to intercede when it occurs was one of the messages of hope given by Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney Bill Peelle during the Signs of Hope ceremony Monday night at the Blanchester Municipal Building.

The ceremony was held to remember victims of violence and their families, particularly those victims killed by their assailants.

The ceremony was to take place at the Carrie Culberson memorial statue, but was moved inside because of rain.

While remembering three Clinton County victims of domestic violence - Carrie Culberson, Martha Fogt and Christine Cook - Peelle said they were "victims of the most heinous crime that can occur - family abuse, domestic violence … the end result, the loss of life."

Carrie Culberson lost her life as the victim of domestic violence that occurred in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, he said. "The pattern of abuse that occurred over several months, that if detected, was not understood, perhaps by law enforcement or even family members and friends as to the seriousness. Twenty-two years of age is certainly too young, but no one is ever old enough, at any age, to be the victim of domestic violence."

In 1998, Martha Fogt, at the age of 31, was killed in Clinton County on McJunkin Road near Blanchester after a relationship in which she had been married and over time had been the victim of increasing abuse. "Once again, it culminated in the loss of life, a life that is always precious, regardless," Peelle said.

Martha was killed by her husband, Michael Fogt, in 1998, but her body was not discovered until 2005. "They were looking for the body of another person that they suspected that Fogt had killed," Peelle said. "When this body was not found, as they were digging in the basement, they found Cynthia Pickens' body. What happened then, the perpetrator, in the course of the investigation, admitted to and confessed to the killing of Martha Fogt. Her body was found in a 55-gallon drum underneath a sidewalk."
Property owner seeks more than $2 million in damag
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BLANCHESTER - The 2004 search for Carrie Culberson's body has led to a civil suit filed in Cincinnati Federal Court naming Brown County Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger and Clermont County Sheriff, A.J. "Tim" Rodenberg Jr. as defendants.

Jeanette Spangler, owner of the property on Fayetteville-Blanchester Road, and her son Jerrod Messer, are seeking compensatory damages exceeding $1 million, punitive damages exceeding $1 million and equitable relief including, but not limited to, an apology from the law enforcement agencies that conducted the search on the property two years ago.

"Defendant Dwayne Wenninger is being sued in his official capacity as Brown County Sheriff for all acts complained of herein, as well as individually for acts of retaliation and discrimination," it said in the suit.

According to the lawsuit filed, law enforcement agencies who conducted the search of the Spangler property exceeded the scope of the search warrant by digging in an area much larger than what the warrant allowed.

"This search was executed with recklessness and malice," it said in the suit.

The suit claimed that the search led to the destruction of personal property and real property which constituted an illegal seizure of that property, resulting in damages of more than $75,000.

The executed search for Culberson's body also caused damage to cedar fencing on the property, damage to a metal storage shed, as well as other damage from deposits and debris left behind by law enforcement agencies that conducted the search.

The suit claimed that 11 vehicles were destroyed during the search when the defendants named in the lawsuit moved the vehicles outside of the garage being searched and buried them in other debris removed from the garage.

"The damages further included loss of numerous expensive tools which were also buried in the debris and/or stolen as a result of the conditions that defendants (Wenninger and Rodenberg) left the property in when they completed their search," it said in the lawsuit.

When removing items from a garage that was searched, law enforcement agencies allegedly left the items in an unsecured location that was not safe from vandals and left the land in uninhabitable condition.

Spangler claimed she was unable to rent the property until the various damages were repaired, resulting in a loss of rental income.

Wenninger and Rodenberg's actions in executing the search warrant displayed "extreme and outrageous conduct" that "intentionally or recklessly caused the plaintiffs severe emotional distress."

The Ohio Fair Plan Underwriting Association is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit for not yet providing compensation to the plaintiffs in a timely manner.

Clinton County Sheriff Ralph Fiser Jr., recalled receiving notice by the Brown County Sheriff's Department in 2004, alerting his office that a search warrant had been obtained for the Spangler property and a dig would be conducted.

The Clinton County Sheriff's Department had no involvement in the search, other than sending an investigator to monitor progress and help secure the area.

The warrant to search the property was obtained through the testimony of a confidential informant who claimed they knew the whereabouts of Culberson's body. However, Fiser claimed he told the Brown County Sheriff's Department that he had dealt with the confidential informant in the past and found them to be unreliable.

"We (Clinton County Sheriff's Office) told them he was probably lying," said Fiser.

According to Fiser, items obtained through the search were taken to a crime lab, but none of the items were proven to belong to Culberson.

Rodenberg was awestruck as to why he was named in the lawsuit received on Aug. 17, claiming that his involvement in the search for Culberson was very limited.

"The Clermont County Sheriff's Office had no role in the digging (on Spangler's property)," said Rodenberg. "We didn't have much involvement at all."

Rodenberg said his office only provided security, mainly during the evening hours, to make sure the property was not disturbed while the investigation was underway.

Assisting in the dig, but not yet named in the suit, was the FBI's Cincinnati office.

"I'm confident, as things progress, that our office will be resolved from the suit," said Rodenberg.

Sheriff Wenninger could not be reached by telephone when his office was contacted on Monday and Tuesday, and despite messages left on his voice mail and with his office staff, he did not return calls.

Although Culberson's body has not been located, her former boyfriend Vincent Doan, is serving a life sentence for the kidnapping and murder of the missing Blanchester woman.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
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Here is another article regarding the new lawsuit about the search for Carrie. I wanted to show you all the news editor's name. I did a double take here at my pc when reading this. Take a look..... CARRIE CARLSON. It was ever so close to "Carrie Culberson".

Million dollar mess alleged in Brown County lawsuit

BLANCHESTER, Ohio -- A 2004 property search for the body of Clarissa Ann "Carrie" Culberson in Brown County has prompted the property owners to file a lawsuit naming several parties, including the Brown County sheriff, in the United States Southern District Court of Ohio.

Jeanette Spangler and her son, Jerrod Messer, owners of the property on Fayetteville-Blanchester Road, where officials searched for Culberson's body, are suing the Brown County and Clermont County sheriffs, in their official and individual capacities, for executing a search which "led to excessive personal and real property destruction in damages."

Spangler and Messer are seeking compensatory and punitive damages in excess of $1 million.

Carrie Culberson was 22 years old when she disappeared in 1996, and her body has yet to be located. However, a jury convicted her boyfriend, Vincent Doan, in 1997 of kidnapping and murdering Culberson.

The lawsuit names not only the sheriffs, but names Brown County and Clermont County commissioners, as the political and corporate bodies that govern the departments. The suit also names the Ohio FAIR Plan Underwriting Association, an insurance agency.

Spangler and Messer claim the search "exceeded the scope of the warrant by digging in an area much larger in geometry than the scope of the warrant allowed."

The complaint also alleges the search was executed with "recklessness and malice," that led to damages in excess of $75,000.

Spangler and Messer said many damages occurred during the search including "destruction of a barn, fence and other structures, as well as significant loss of personal property including loss of tools, destruction or damage to a number of automobiles and numerous household items."

In addition to the destruction, the suit claims officials destroyed the septic system, making the property uninhabitable, which caused occupants to vacate the land. The vacancy also prompted property vandalism, according to the action. Due to all the damage, the Ohio FAIR Plan Underwriting Association canceled the insurance policy, and never paid the plaintiffs for damages, covered under the terms of the policy, the suit contends.

In a statement issued Thursday, Brown County Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger said he stands by his decision that had his deputies excavate the property, with a search warrant that was received by Clermont County Sheriff's Office.

Wenninger went on to explain that information obtained by his investigators, the Clermont County Sheriff's investigators, FBI officials and other agencies led the parties to continue the search.

Wenninger said he and others who participate in public professions, will always be subject to scrutiny, but "we must still do the job that we are entrusted to do by the public."

Wenninger said he is convinced that he, and other officials, "did that job" and believes the search warrant on the Spangler-Messer property led to more leads and information concerning the Culberson case.

Contact Carrie Carlson at 606-564-9091, ext. 271
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 19th, 2006, 08:34am

Tonight I have been asked to be a guest on the radio station hosted by Todd Matthews of the DoeNetwork. The topic that we will be discussing will be a combination of the importance of Cold Cases, Carrie Culberson, and a topic that I've been attempting to keep in the missing person arena for quite some time now ---- that being "When Helpfulness Turns To Harassment".

I encourage all families and supporters of missing person cases to listen in tonight as this show airs. It will be on about 8 PM EST. This topic is very important to families who are being targeted by unwanted callers, emailers, and other ways from those who have decided to interject themselves into these missing and murdered person cases.

For those of you who are not familiar with Todd Matthews, he is one of the members of the Doenetwork, Project Edan and the Lost and the Found. He has worked with many law enforcement agencies to assist with those who are missing and those who are unidentified.

I'd like to thank him and Parents of Murdered Children for their ongoing efforts to help stop these acts of exploitation against the various families who are suffering these heartless acts. Listen in if you will.

Thank you.
Potential Clues May Have Burned In Culberson Case
Post by FindCarrie on Nov 30th, 2006, 08:57am

The murder of Carrie Culberson has been one of the Tri-State's most talked about crimes for the past decade. Culberson's abusive boyfriend, Vince Doan, is spending his life in prison for murder, even though Carrie's body has never been found. New talk about where her remains might be had detectives asking lots of questions in recent months. Then something strange happened that Local 12's Deborah Dixon tells us has cops more curious than ever.

The F.B.I. helped dig up the floor of a barn in Brown County two springs ago because of information Carrie Culberson was killed and buried there. It was during this dig, that people started talking. Different people were saying the same thing.

Debbie Culberson still lives in Blanchester. So, people can tell her what they hear and what they know. Recently, the information about the right barn got hot...really hot.

That's exactly what Penn was doing, and people in town knew it, when something very curious happened. The barn owned by the same family as the other barn burned to the ground in the middle of the night. It was two days before the tenth anniversary of Carrie's disappearance.

Wayne township responded. They determined the barn burning is suspicious. Detective Penn said a burned out barn won't keep him away.

Deborah Dixon, Local 12.

The Messer family filed suit against the police departments that dug up the barn floor two years ago. Since the F.B.I. was involved and the dig was ordered by a judge, the suit is not expected to go far.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by gonlaz on Nov 30th, 2006, 10:04am

I am amazed at how that family has so much "pull" to be able to hide so much evidence, and now even (possibly) destroy it. I still haven't seen the brother that was released yet, here in Central Florida but you can bet I still keep my eyes and ears open for such a character.

I wish you well this Holiday season ma'am.
Re: Potential Clues May Have Burned In Culberson C
Post by ziggygirl on Nov 30th, 2006, 2:32pm

wow! so what does this mean? Is it to late to search the vicinity of the barn?

on Nov 30th, 2006, 08:57am, FindCarrie wrote:
The murder of Carrie Culberson has been one of the Tri-State's most talked about crimes for the past decade. Culberson's abusive boyfriend, Vince Doan, is spending his life in prison for murder, even though Carrie's body has never been found. New talk about where her remains might be had detectives asking lots of questions in recent months. Then something strange happened that Local 12's Deborah Dixon tells us has cops more curious than ever.

The F.B.I. helped dig up the floor of a barn in Brown County two springs ago because of information Carrie Culberson was killed and buried there. It was during this dig, that people started talking. Different people were saying the same thing.

Debbie Culberson still lives in Blanchester. So, people can tell her what they hear and what they know. Recently, the information about the right barn got hot...really hot.

That's exactly what Penn was doing, and people in town knew it, when something very curious happened. The barn owned by the same family as the other barn burned to the ground in the middle of the night. It was two days before the tenth anniversary of Carrie's disappearance.

Wayne township responded. They determined the barn burning is suspicious. Detective Penn said a burned out barn won't keep him away.

Deborah Dixon, Local 12.

The Messer family filed suit against the police departments that dug up the barn floor two years ago. Since the F.B.I. was involved and the dig was ordered by a judge, the suit is not expected to go far.

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Nov 30th, 2006, 5:06pm


We knew that this barn was like this the night we went to the ceremony. Did you read Carrie's blog I posted today? We had gone out there to see what the "other" barn looked like and it was mysteriously burnt to the ground.
We now know that it had been burnt down to the ground two days before we were out there. Something fishy is going on and they want us to know that they have the leverage over us on this disappearance mystery. In some ways they do because they're withholding Carrie and not allowing us to have her back. In some ways, it's probably just another way to harass the Culberson family.
The fact of the matter is that we may be hurting and wondering, but he is in jail and he is not coming out any time soon.

But to answer your question, I don't know the status of the barn out there that has burnt. That would be a question I'd have to ask Debbie or the police. Maybe one of them can answer that.

Carrie's Case on CTV 12-29-06 @ 12 NOON
Post by FindCarrie on Dec 21st, 2006, 12:36pm

On Friday, December 29, 2006, beginning at 12 Noon EST, Court TV's Investigator's will re air the hour long show titled MISSING regarding the disappearance of Carrie Culberson. The hour long presentation shows an in depth look into Carrie's 1996 disappearance, and the trial of her boyfriend who was later convicted of her murder without her body. I always tell those of you who have not seen this show to watch this if you can. This hour long show tells a lot about Carrie's case and gives a great example of how murder cases can be won without a body.

Re: Carrie's Case on CTV 12-29-06 @ 12 NOON
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Good day Ma'am,

Will they give us the update about the brother and where he is down here in Florida, since his release? Also will they give us any other updated information about the case?
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
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I do not know if CTV will be giving out any new information on the release of Tracey Baker. I would doubt any new locations or residence would be broadcasted on tv.

As far as the case in general, any updates that we are allowed to post that are not potentially damaging to the current and ongoing investigation, are always posted on this forum.

The last news blurb I had was back a few weeks ago regarding the "other" barn that mysteriously burnt down two days before the 10 year anniversary of Carrie's disappearance.

If we are innocent of our involvement with this tradegy, one has to ask why this individual fled on the freeway before he was captured, and then as soon as he was released, he got the hell outta dodge. Makes you wonder what they might be running from or trying to forget. We'll never forget and we won't give up. It's all part of the long drawn out process but we'll get through it and Carrie will be found.

Tune in and watch on Dec. 29th. Thanks CTV for rerunning the show.

Debbie Culberson Visits Trial
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BATAVIA - The murder trial of Liz Carroll drew more spectators Friday now that jury selection is over and testimony is under way.

Cathy Huhn, 48, and her father, Neal Collins, 68, both of Goshen Township, intended to stop in at Carroll's trial at some point, and found the time Friday.

Collins was just curious, but Huhn had another reason for being there.

This infuriates me," she said. "I'm a foster mom. The whole thing gives foster parents - the 99.8 percent of us that are in it for the right reasons - a very bad name."

Huhn and Collins watched intently as prosecutors showed the jury two hours of television news footage of the unsuccessful search for Marcus Fiesel and interviews with Liz and husband David Carroll Jr.

"She's good, that's all I can say," Huhn said, referring to Liz Carroll's on-camera performance.

The courtroom session Friday even piqued the interest of Debbie Culberson, whose daughter, Carrie, vanished from her Blanchester, Ohio, home in 1996.

Carrie's boyfriend, Vince Doan, and some of his relatives were convicted in Carrie's death, although the 22-year-old woman's remains were never found.

Culberson helped search for Marcus in August. She'd never seen Liz Carroll in person before.

"It's not as much to see her as to just see the system," Culberson said of her presence in court.

Liz and David Carroll's family members said that watching the two hours of newscasts Friday morning was painful and redundant, especially after watching a press conference by Liz Carroll at Juilfs Park over and over again.

"It was really hard sitting through it," said her mother, Audrey Sims, who hung her head and appeared exhausted about midway through the video.

To Sims, the video showed a daughter ready to crack.

"I don't think she could have lived with it," Sims said. "I think eventually she would have turned Amy in."

The Carrolls maintain that the prosecution's chief witness against them, Amy Baker, is responsible for their 3-year-old foster child's death.
Culberson Case to Be Featured on MSNBC 3-11-07
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MSNBC Investigates will be reairing the segment titled "Missing or Murdered" on Sunday, March 11th beginning @ 1 PM EST. This show will be featuring the information regarding two missing women (Kristine Kupka and Anna Scivetti) who are believed to have been murdered by their boyfriends, but remain missing. The show will include information on how their families and law enforcement is using the case of Carrie Culberson to possibly move forward with charges where the body remains MISSING.
Hoping everyone is able to see this.

***Special thanks to our dear friend Gil Alba for teaching his students about Carrie's case***


AETV to Re-Air Culberson Case 4-5-07 and 4-6-07
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AETV's American Justice will be re airing the segment that was filmed in late 2005 regarding the disappearance of Carrie Culberson this coming Thursday, April 5th beginning @ 9 PM EST. This show takes an in depth look into the 1996 disappearance of Carrie Culberson and the conviction of her violent boyfriend, Vincent Doan without her body ever being located.

If you should miss the Thursday April 5th airing, it will re air again in the early morning hours on Friday, April 6, 2007 beginning @ 1 a.m. EST.

I am hoping that everyone can tune in and watch this show. AETV's American Justice was one of several TV shows that did a show regarding Carrie's disappearance. This show in particular shows a lot of information that some of the other shows left off.

For more information regarding Carrie Culberson, please visit:


Channel Information information in your area:


Man Charged In Alleged Theft, Meth Ring
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WAYNE TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- A Wayne Township man was arrested Saturday following a six-month investigation into an interstate theft and methamphetamine distribution ring, police said.

Investigators said a search of a residence on Marathon Edenton Road turned up four stolen vehicles, two stolen tractors, some stolen construction equipment, 18 firearms and various items related to the manufacture and abuse of methamphetamine.

Jarrod Messer, 36, who lives at the residence, was charged with felony drug possession and misdemeanor theft. He is being held at Clermont County Jail on $100,000 bond

Investigators said they found methamphetamine at the same residence during a December 2003 search.

A two-week search in 2005 of a barn built on land that had once belonged to Messer turned up duct tape, trash bags and a T-shirt that Clarissa Ann "Carrie" Culberson was wearing days before she disappeared in August 1996, authorities said.

Culberson's former boyfriend, Vincent Doan, is serving a life sentence in prison for her kidnapping and murder. Culberson's body was never found.

Messer, an acquaintance of Doan's, lived on the same property as the barn when Culberson disappeared, although the barn was built afterward.

Authorities said the investigation into the alleged theft and methamphetamine ring remains ongoing
Victim's mother among speakers
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Debra Culberson, whose 22-year-old daughter Carrie disappeared in 1996, will be among the speakers at the National Crime Victims Rights Week event on April 26 at the Syndicate, 18 E. Fifth St., Newport.

"Find Your Voice ... Give a Voice" runs from 4 to 8 p.m., and includes children's events, live music and information booths from 20 community organizations and agencies dealing with crime victim issues.

The program is sponsored by the Women's Crisis Center of Northern Kentucky and is designed for crime victims, their families and friends, and for advocates who work with victims.

Culberson will talk about her ongoing ordeal in her search for her daughter's body, in the hopes of giving her a decent burial.

Carrie Culberson was just 22 when she disappeared one day back in 1996. Her ex-boyfriend, Vincent Doan, was convicted of murdering her a year later and sentenced to life in prison, even though her body was never found.

Even after his conviction, Doan has invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when asked about the location of the body.

Also speaking will be Jerome Bowles of the NAACP in Northern Kentucky, and a representative of the Islamic Center. Gilberto Esparza, founder of the Hispanic Resource Center in Northern Kentucky, also will speak. He has been a mentor for youths, a translator in the court system, and advocate for Northern Kentucky's growing Mexican and Central American population, and a member of the Covington Human Rights Commission.

Children's activities will be from 4 to 5 p.m., live music from 5 to 6 p.m. and speakers from 6 to 8 p.m.

The program includes a speak-out for local crime victims to tell their stories, said Nancy Tufts of the Women's Crisis Center, who is helping organize the program.

She calls the event a safe place for the community to honor victims of crime and the people who help them rebuild their lives.
Chabot Holds Briefing On Missing Persons
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Posted By: Candice Terrell

The mother of a Blanchester, Ohio woman who was murdered more than ten years ago will testify at a congressional briefing Wednesday.
Carrie Culberson's remains have never been found even though her boyfriend was convicted of her murder.

Carrie's mother, Debbie Culberson, has worked with Congressman Steve Chabot to provide law enforcement with tools to help solve missing person's cases.

The briefing on missing persons and unidentified remains is hosted by Congressman Chabot.
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Gary Huffenberger
Staff Writer

Advanced DNA technology in the United Kingdom will be applied on southwest Ohio soil and groundwater taken during a 2004 barn excavation conducted by law enforcement looking for the remains of Carrie Culberson.

Culberson's mother, Debra Culberson, confirmed Friday that Brown County Chief Deputy John Dunn has been in contact with a scientist in the United Kingdom about testing the dirt and water samples from the excavation.

The two-week search of an area around a Brown County barn turned up duct tape, trash bags and a T-shirt that Carrie Culberson reportedly wore days before she was murdered in August 1996. However, Culberson's remains were not found, even though cadaver dogs alerted to spots at the site, raising hopes that eventually were dashed.

Dunn was out of the office Friday and not available for comment. A Thursday report on WKRC-TV's Web site included some comments by Dunn.

Dunn believes Culberson was in fact at the area of the barn on the night she was murdered - explaining the reactions of the cadaver dogs plus the presence of trash bags and duct tape. But because none of her remains were uncovered in the excavation, Dunn believes Culberson's body was then taken elsewhere, according to the WKRC-TV online report.

The News Journal on Friday asked Debra Culberson whether she remains hopeful her daughter's remains someday will be located and returned.

"How do you give up the hope? You know, that's all I have left is the hope that we find Carrie during our lifetime," said Culberson. "And whether it be through someone telling or by accident, I don't know. But yes, it's my hope - and always will be my hope - that I find Carrie in my lifetime."
Mom takes mission to D.C.
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Column by Michael Collins

WASHINGTON - Debra Culberson knows that, after nearly 11 years, if her murdered daughter is ever found, all that will be left will be her skeletal remains.

But she can't let go. Not until she is able to recover whatever is left of the young woman to whom she gave birth.

"I was raised that a body was just a temple for the soul, and I've been told for the last 10 years that Carrie's soul is in heaven," Culberson said. "But being a mother, it is that physical body that I held for so many years, and I need to find out where she is."

Culberson, who lives in Blanchester, has become an outspoken advocate for crime victims' rights, giving speeches across the country, holding training seminars for law enforcement officials and meeting with lawmakers and bureaucrats.

This week found Culberson appearing alongside Ohio Congressman Steve Chabot at a briefing in Washington.

Chabot, a Cincinnati Republican, is pushing a resolution that calls for continued funding of DNA technology for unidentified human remains; more cooperation between federal, state and local law enforcement; and increased access to federal DNA databases for medical examiners.

"Too often, victims of crime are made to be victims a second time as a result of our criminal justice system - the very system designed to protect them," Chabot said.

Culberson's daughter, Carrie, was just 22 when she disappeared in 1996. Carrie's ex-boyfriend, Vincent Doan, was convicted of murdering her a year later and sentenced to life in prison, even though her body was never found.

Since then, Culberson has worked with Chabot to make sure that law-enforcement officials have the necessary tools to solve missing persons cases.

Largely because of their efforts, Congress passed a law in 2004 that requires states and local communities that receive federal funding for DNA testing to report test results for unidentified remains to a nationwide database maintained by the FBI.

Because the federal government doesn't mandate DNA testing of unidentified remains, "a lot of times they are sitting on a shelf in a law-enforcement office or a coroner's office, and they don't know what to do with them," Culberson said. "It's my hope they will eventually mandate testing, which will prevent the cremation of them. Because once they are cremated, you'll never get identification."

A central repository like the FBI database is important so that law enforcement officials will be able to access DNA test results across the nation. In other words, a police officer investigating a case in Ohio would be able to log into the system and see if test results performed elsewhere in the country produce a positive match.

For Culberson, DNA testing could help bring closure if her daughter's remains are ever recovered.

"DNA would be the last effort in trying to identify Carrie," she said.

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown says that, when he traveled the state during last year's campaign, he got an earful from families about how far their budgets were stretched. And with gas prices rising, those budgets are being stretched even further.

Brown joined other freshman Democrats in the Senate at a press conference on Thursday to call for a new direction in U.S. energy policy.

The senator noted that Exxon has just announced $9.28 billion in profits for the first quarter, a 10 percent increase from record-setting earnings for the first quarter of 2006.

"The CEO of Exxon makes more than $11,000 an hour, while a minimum wage worker pumping gas at an Exxon station makes less than $11,000 a year," Brown said. "Oil companies reap windfall profits and enjoy billions in tax subsidies while middle-class families foot the bill."

In some parts of Ohio, a gallon of gas will set you back about $3. Yet, the Bush administration refuses to change its energy policy, Brown said.

"If the president won't lead the way to lower gas prices and investment in alternative energy, then Congress will," the senator said.

Brown wants to make alternative energy research and development tax credits permanent. He also supports a plan to have at least 25 percent of U.S. fuel come from U.S.-based, alternative energy sources by 2025.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by brightstars on Apr 30th, 2007, 5:14pm


I want to express my very deepest part of my heart goes to Debbie, the prayers of finding Carrie will be answered soon. May her trip to London will be bring what she needs to find her daughter.

I would like to ask this question, if we can support NASA with all the technology to explore the universe, how is it they do not even know how to use the technology to examine dirt on earth. Why does a mother have to take the very dirt that her daughter was murdered on and carry it to Europe?

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on May 2nd, 2007, 7:52pm

on Apr 30th, 2007, 5:14pm, brightstars wrote:

I want to express my very deepest part of my heart goes to Debbie, the prayers of finding Carrie will be answered soon. May her trip to London will be bring what she needs to find her daughter.

I would like to ask this question, if we can support NASA with all the technology to explore the universe, how is it they do not even know how to use the technology to examine dirt on earth. Why does a mother have to take the very dirt that her daughter was murdered on and carry it to Europe?


Karen, thank you for always being so thoughtful to think of Debbie when you have the same situation of having a missing loved one. You are truely a wonderful person. I wish I had the answers as to why there is all this technology but it has to be taken to other parts of the country to determine if Carrie was there. What is more disturbing is the fact that we've got some individuals that know the whereabouts of Carrie and refuse to give her back to us. All we've ever asked you to do is go to a payphone, call anonymously, give us the location, let us come get her. We don't want anything but to find her and bring her home, and we will stop at nothing in order to make this happen. We know that God will reveal the location that evil has covered when the time is right. Until then, we will work on ways to help speed up the process

Jarrod Messer arrested on multiple charges
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User Image
Jarrod William Messer, 36, of Marathon Edenton Road, Fayetteville, and 24-year-old Karlee Pell (address unconfirmed), were arrested Wednesday evening in Brown County on charges related to the alleged manufacture of methamphetamine, altering of vehicle identification numbers (VINs), receiving stolen property, marijuana trafficking, funding of marijuana trafficking and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activities.

They are incarcerated at the Clermont County Jail on $1 million bond each.

The investigation involved five sheriff's offices in the area, including the Clinton County Sheriff's Office. Clermont County Prosecutor Don White was out of the office late in the business day Friday, and further details were unavailable.

In Clinton County, Messer probably is best known for a possible connection to the disappearance of Carrie Culberson, a 22-year-old Blanchester woman who was murdered by Vincent Doan in the summer of 1996.

In May 2004, an excavation was conducted under a pole barn on Fayetteville-Blanchester Road in Brown County after a cadaver dog alerted there.

Messer, a friend of Doan's brother, resided at the property before being incarcerated in 2003 on unrelated charges.

Culberson's remains were not found in the excavation, but items believed to be related to Culberson were discovered, including a smiley-face T-shirt.

According to the Clermont County Common Pleas Court's Web site, Messer was charged earlier this year in May with three counts of aggravated possession of drugs and one count of tampering with drugs. There has been no disposition of the case thus far.
Court TV documentary filmed in Wilmington
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8/6/2007 7:58:00 AM Email this article • Print this article
Court TV documentary filmed in Wilmington
WILMINGTON - Brenz Salon and Day Spa in Wilmington served as the setting for a scene in a Court TV documentary on the Carrie Culberson investigation Thursday.

Brenda Mahoney, owner of the salon, said she received a phone call last week asking permission to use Brenz as a "host" location for a scene in the documentary.

Carrie Ann Culberson, formerly of Blanchester, disappeared on Aug. 28, 1996. Her body was never found, but on March 27, 1997, a Clinton County grand jury indicted her boyfriend, Vincent Doan, on four charges of kidnapping. On Nov. 17, 1997, Judge William McCracken officially sentenced Doan for Culberson's murder.

Culberson was employed as a nail technician in Wilmington at G & G Hair Studio. The salon is no longer in operation.

Libby Sallaway, an employee of Story House Productions (the production company Court TV is using to produce the documentary), said Brenz will be used as a backdrop location for a re-enactment scene of the investigation. The scene depicts Detective Brian Edwards of the Clinton County Sheriff's Department entering the salon to ask questions about Culberson's disappearance. Appearing in the scene are Mallory Minton of Lynchburg, who plays the receptionist, Mahoney, Sarah Arnold of Dayton and Jeanine Anderson of Russelville, who both act the role of Culberson's salon friends.

Sallaway said the documentary would be used for a Court TV segment called "Missing Persons Unit."

Story House Productions, a production company based in Washington, D.C., will be filming in the area until Saturday. The crew arrived last Monday.

"The Clinton County Sheriff's Department has been wonderful," said Sallaway. "We're really grateful for all the help we've received with this documentary."

Sallaway also mentioned she is very pleased with the assistance the production crew received from Massie Township Fire Department.

"They really helped a lot with the search scene we did at Caesar's Creek," she said. "We're just really happy to tell the story of this investigation and the great people who helped it happen
Day of Peace honors Culberson
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COVINGTON – This year, the Day of Peace observance honors Debra Culberson, a long-time advocate of domestic violence awareness who wants to prevent others from becoming victims like her daughter, Carrie.

Debra Culberson will receive the Amy Jones Advocate Award at Friday's 13th annual Day of Peace observance.

The event from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday at the Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center in Covington promotes peace making and reduction of violence in Northern Kentucky families, neighborhoods and schools. It's supported by about a dozen local groups.

This year's program features appearances by NKU Professor Darrell Payne and NKU head basketball coach Dave Bezold, said Ann Brandon, chairwoman of the Day of Peace committee.

“Domestic violence is not a women's issue,” Brandon said. “It's a human issue. We need everyone – especially good strong male figures – to stand up and say it's not a decent thing to beat women.”

The Day of Peace observance is normally held at the end of September to kick off National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

However, this year, the event is being moved up a month to coincide with the observance of “Until the Violence Stops: Kentucky,” an international two-week festival to end violence against women and girls, Brandon said. Kentucky has been chosen by V-Day of New York City as one of only two places in the world to host the festival.

Through events such as art exhibitions, discussion panels and a parade recognizing female leadership in Kentucky, supporters will try to end the domestic violence, sexual assault and/or stalking that is the leading cause of injury for women and girls ages 14 to 24, Brandon said. In Kentucky, a woman is beaten every nine seconds.

At last year's Day of Peace observance, organizers honored Amy Jones, the West Chester Township mother who survived three attempts on her life by her ex-husband. Her experiences inspired Amy's Law, which requires those who commit domestic violence in Ohio to appear before a judge for a bond hearing before they are released.

This year, Debra Culberson of Blanchester, Ohio is being recognized after she won a wrongful death suit against local authorities for botching the investigation into her daughter's disappearance and murder 11 years ago. Carrie's boyfriend, Vincent Doan, was convicted of her murder even though her body has never been found.
Debra Culberson, who established a memorial honoring her daughter, speaks to schools and community groups about domestic violence awareness and she has lobbied for the nationwide testing of unidentified remains.

Also featured this year is The Clothesline Project. The display in the Nordheim Gallery on the nearby Holmes High School campus features T-shirts decorated to represent individual women's experiences with domestic violence.

If you go
What: Until the Violence Stops: Kentucky 13th annual Day of Peace
When: 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Friday
Where: Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, 1028 Scott Blvd., Covington
Features: Speakers, award presentations, music and a light lunch.

Local Woman Being Honored For Work Preventing Dome
Post by FindCarrie on Aug 31st, 2007, 9:46pm

Reported by: Bill Price
Photographed by: 9News

The devastating problem of domestic violence -- or "DV" -- is getting new attention in Northern Kentucky from a new group: college athletes, as a local coach makes it his mission to keep his players from becoming future abusers.

Researchers say every 15 seconds of every day, a woman in Kentucky is abused or battered by someone she knows.

Programs like the Women's Crisis Center in Covington are now getting unexpected new help to prevent that abuse.

But first, the center heard from one Tri-state family who has been hurt by domestic violence for years.

The annual "Day of Peace" domestic violence conference honored Debbie Culberson on Friday.

She got the conference's first "Outstanding Advocate" award as she stood next to a picture of her daughter, Carrie Culberson.

Carrie was last seen 10-years ago this month, being shoved into a car by her ex-boyfriend, Vincent Doan.

Doan is now serving a life sentence for her death.

Carrie's body has never been found.

"I'm going accept it on behalf of my daughter, Carrie," said Culberson. "Carrie also, [sighs] Carrie gave the ultimate sacrifice."

Efforts to stop domestic violence by Culberson are now getting the support of the Northern Kentucky University (NKU) basketball team.

Their coach says he's warning players that they can't bring their courtside aggression into their relationships with women.

"By teaching our boys ways to handle frustration and anger without using violence or harmful words, we let them know it's okay to walk away when angry or frustrated," said David Bezold, NKU men's basketball coach.

"It's important to let them know they can always come to us, if they feel like things are getting out of hand," added Bezold.

Bezold is the first men's sports coach to address this domestic violence conference.

He was joined by NKU professor Darrell Payne, who studies domestic violence.

Payne says families need to start even earlier teaching these anti-violence lessons to boys.

"And one thing I remember my father teaching me, from being a little boy up to an adult, is that you never put your hands on your sisters or a girl," said Payne, who works in the school's College of Human Services. "That was the rule of our house. That's what stood and that's what I followed."

"I am always in awe of men who will speak out against domestic violence," said Culberson. "So, I appreciate and applaud you and everything that you are trying to do."

Since college basketball players are already role models, Culberson and the center hope that the players will spread the word that domestic violence should not be tolerated.

More than that, the center hopes they can show that domestic violence isn't just a problem for women – it's also a man's problem, too.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 12th, 2007, 06:58am

Thinking of Debbie and can't wait to hear how her meeting goes with Todd Matthews. They are set to meet today in Washington DC smiley

See article below

The mother of a local woman who has been missing since 1996 is throwing her support behind a new DNA database.

Debbie Culberson was in Washington, D.C., Tuesday for the unveiling of the National Missing and Unidentified Missing Persons System.

The new national database can be used to match unidentified remains with records of missing people.

Though Culberson's daughter Carrie remains missing, Vincent Doan was convicted of her murder in 1997.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 12th, 2007, 12:52pm


New System Will Help Bring Answers to Families of the Missing

WASHINGTON - Assistant Attorney General Regina B. Schofield of the Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs (OJP) today joined nationally renowned medical examiners and other prominent speakers in exhibiting a new national database for matching unidentified human remains with records of missing persons.

"Thousands of people, children and adults, vanish under suspicious circumstances every year," said Assistant Attorney General Schofield. "The remains of thousands more sit in coroners' and medical examiners' offices waiting to be identified. This new Internet-based tool will enable investigators, forensics professionals, and the public to cross-reference these records and bring answers to families of the missing."

The database showcased today is the foundation of the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) announced by the Justice Department on July 2, 2007. NamUs will address two of the Department's priorities: assisting investigators in solving missing persons cases and helping medical examiners and coroners identify human remains. The NamUs database, which is viewable at, was developed by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), OJP's research, development, and evaluation component. Ultimately, medical examiners, coroners, law enforcement officials, forensic professionals, and the public will be able to use the database to search and match missing persons records and information about unidentified human remains. Today's meeting at the National Press Club began an OJP outreach effort to solicit the participation of medical examiners and coroners across the United States and inform the public about the resources available through the system.

More than 100,000 missing persons are listed in the FBI's National Crime Information Center, a computerized index of criminal justice information from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Almost half of these individuals have had no known contact for over a year. A recent report from OJP's Bureau of Justice Statistics found that, on average, some 4,400 unidentified human bodies are received in medical examiners' and coroners' offices each year and about 1,000 remain unidentified after one year. In establishing a central reporting system for unidentified remains, NamUs enhances the potential of investigators to solve cases by matching those remains with missing persons records.

The creation of NamUs is part of a major effort by the Department of Justice that began shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. The recovery effort, and NIJ's work to assist the New York City Medical Examiner's Office in identifying the victims, underscored an ongoing problem in matching missing persons with human remains. In April 2005, NIJ convened a summit of law enforcement officials, medical examiners, coroners, forensic scientists, policymakers, victim advocates, and families of the missing. As a result of the summit, the Department created a National Missing Persons Task Force, which recommended improved access to information about these cases through a national database. The work of the task force complements the President's DNA Initiative, under which the Department is supporting the use of DNA evidence to identify missing persons. The new NamUs database serves as a repository for information such as height, weight, tattoos, scars, and clothing, all of which, like DNA, can be vital to the identification of remains.

"Solving these difficult cases depends on the ability of professionals to access information about physical characteristics," said Assistant Attorney General Schofield. "I hope that medical examiners and coroners across the country will work with us to use the NamUs database to its fullest potential."

Joining Assistant Attorney General Schofield were David Hagy, Acting Principal Deputy Director of NIJ; Jan C. Garavaglia, M.D., Chief Medical Examiner for Orange and Osceola Counties in Florida and host of the Discovery Health Channel's "Dr. G: Medical Examiner;" Randy Hanzlick, M.D., Medical Examiner for Fulton County, Georgia; and Debbie Culberson, a victim advocate from Blanchester, Ohio and mother of Carrie Culberson, who was murdered 11 years ago and whose body has never been found.

The Office of Justice Programs, headed by Assistant Attorney General Regina B. Schofield, provides federal leadership in developing the nation's capacity to prevent and control crime, administer justice, and assist victims. OJP has five component bureaus: the Bureau of Justice Assistance; the Bureau of Justice Statistics; the National Institute of Justice; the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention; and the Office for Victims of Crime. Additionally, OJP has two program offices: the Community Capacity Development Office, which incorporates the Weed and Seed strategy, and the Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering and Tracking Office (SMART). More information can be found at
Post by FindCarrie on Oct 2nd, 2007, 08:37am


The House last week overwhelmingly passed - 389-1 - a resolution from Rep. Steve Chabot that expresses the House's commitment to providing a voice to victims of families involved in missing persons and unidentified human remains cases.

The resolution stems from a Cincinnati-area case.

Debra Culberson of Blanchester lost her daughter, Carrie Culberson, when she was murdered in 1996. Although her daughter's former boyfriend was convicted of the murder, her daughter's remains have not been recovered.

"This resolution highlights the importance of law enforcement agencies acquiring the tools and working together at all levels to identify human remains so families and loved ones can have closure," said Chabot, a Westwood Republican who co-chairs the Congressional Caucus for Missing and Exploited Children.

The resolution calls for continued federal funding for DNA testing and a database used to identify victims, greater cooperation between local, state and federal law enforcement officials, and more training for these law enforcement agencies on missing persons cases.

It also seeks to provide medical examiners and coroners with better access to federal databases so victims - such as Carrie Culberson - can be located, identified and returned to their loved ones. The lone no vote: Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.
Where Are The Key Players In The Culberson Murder
Post by FindCarrie on Nov 2nd, 2007, 2:43pm

Fed to hogs, strapped in her car and crushed, dismembered with a chainsaw and scattered across the country.

In the 10 years since her disappearance, those are just some of the rumors about what happened to Carrie Culberson's body. They haunt the Tri-State community where her boyfriend, Vince Doan, killed her 10 years ago.

Most of the key players in Culberson's murder case still live in tiny Blanchester. Today, while Vince Doan is still trying to get a new trial, Local 12's Deborah Dixon checks in on the people involved in the case and finds out just how far Debbie Culberson will go to find Carrie.

Debbie Culberson still lives in the village where her daughter, Carrie, was last seen alive. Last seen being beaten by boyfriend Vince Doan. His family still lives here too. Debbie sometimes sees his father, Lawrence Baker, up town. Debbie says when she sees Lawrence she gives him a nod and a wave to let him know that she is not going anywhere and that she will not be intimidated.

Debbie is not intimidated by Tracey Baker either. She was in court earlier this year when Vice Doan's half brother was convicted of domestic violence. Baker came back home after doing eight years for helping Vince hide Carrie's body. Debbie says she also wants Tracey to know she isn't going anywhere. "My focus is on trying to find Carrie, If it means keeping an eye on you and what you're doing that's what I'm going to do"

Nearly all the players in this sad story still live together in Blanchester, more than a decade after the town was turned upside down by murder.

Tracey Baker now lives in the house where Vince lived when Carrie was killed. The witness, who saw Vince twist Carrie's arm behind her back, punch her and tell her 'I told you the next time I'd kill you' on the night she disappeared, still lives in the same house, too. Tracey's ex-wife, Lori Baker, still lives there as well. She testified in court that the night Carrie disappeared, Vince showed up at the house covered in blood, then left with Tracey, seven garbage bags and a gun. Before Lori knew Carrie was missing, she was thinking dismemberment.

Debbie worked with the Justice Department to create a DNA Database to match unidentified remains with missing people. Debbie just wants to bury her daughter's bones.

So, what's in it for Vince Doan? Clinton County Detective, Brian Edwards, says "if he were to tell us where she's at and we were able to recover remains, we would definitely be open to negotiating a new sentence."

A new sentence that could set Vince Doan, who is serving a life term, free.

Culberson's mother says, "if he would tell them where she is and they wanted to release him tomorrow, I wouldn't care."

Vince and his family do not want to talk. His mother says she believes her son is innocent.

Supporters are looking ahead to another appeal. One court already upheld Doan's conviction and the Ohio Supreme Court refused to consider his case. Doan's attorney says Vince has no information to share. However, if his appeals run out, some wonder if that could change.

Debbie Culberson won a lawsuit against the Village for the Police Department's mishandling her daughter's murder. The insurance company paid the settlement. Carrie's family agreed to less than the jury award.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by brightstars on Nov 2nd, 2007, 4:05pm


I read your article about if Vincent Doan reveals Carrie's remains, it could set him free.

Is that possible? That all murders confess where their victims could be found that they could be set free?

I do not even know how to start when a mother has to bargain to get her child back with someone as evil as Mr. Doan.

My prayers are so much with Debbie, her courage to stand strong, I can not even compare myself to what she has stood for all these years.

A mother has to do what she can in order to put her child to rest at a proper burial. May God be with Debbie always and God Bless Carrie that she will be found.

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Nov 3rd, 2007, 6:15pm

on Nov 2nd, 2007, 4:05pm, brightstars wrote:

I read your article about if Vincent Doan reveals Carrie's remains, it could set him free.

Is that possible? That all murders confess where their victims could be found that they could be set free?

I do not even know how to start when a mother has to bargain to get her child back with someone as evil as Mr. Doan.

My prayers are so much with Debbie, her courage to stand strong, I can not even compare myself to what she has stood for all these years.

A mother has to do what she can in order to put her child to rest at a proper burial. May God be with Debbie always and God Bless Carrie that she will be found.

Karen, I cannot speak for Debbie Culberson, but I would like for the people who are reading to understand that Vincent Doan is not set to be released from jail. It has always been the thought or idea that if he would just tell us where Carrie is that then his sentence could be reduced - key word - reduced.
It was never about punishing him, it was about finding Carrie and giving her a proper burial. That seems like a lot to ask but Carrie's family has been denied that. Aside from the crime he committed, he will remain in prison until he decides to reveal that location. When and if he decides to reveal what he knows (and he knows), he will possibly be given other options. That'll be up to the DA's office. And I'm sure the Culberson family will have some input into what is offered to him. Right now we just need to find Carrie

Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by brightstars on Nov 4th, 2007, 07:34am


Thank you for explaining the article to me. I understand now on what you were saying.

Coping with loss during the holiday season
Post by FindCarrie on Dec 15th, 2007, 9:20pm

Contributing Writer

While people all over the community are enjoying the holiday season with preparations for family get-togethers and traditional celebrations, it can be a difficult time for others who have suffered personal loss. The absence of loved ones who are away in the military, or the death of a family member, can cause sadness to overtake the joy of the holidays.

One local woman who knows all too well the pain of loss is Debbie Culberson, whose daughter, Carrie, disappeared over 11 years ago and whose body has never been found. Culberson, who said she has learned to rely heavily on her faith to get her through the tough days, offered words of comfort for others who are suffering the pain of loss at this time of year.

“Try not to focus on the negative side, and try to hang on to the memories,” Culberson said. “Carrie loved the holidays and family. I was always one to give gifts that my children needed more so than things they wanted,” Culberson said. “Carrie loved to give people things that they wanted, to make them happy.”

“If you just sit and think on the negative, it tears you up,” she said. She added that she has been blessed to have many friends and family who visit and call her, people who also loved and miss her daughter. “To know they care helps, too.”

Culberson’s advice to other grieving families is to not close yourself off from those family members who are still with you. “They are the ones who really get hurt, because then they have lost a family member, and they’ve lost you as well,” she said. “Listen to them, and remember their loss, too.”

While most families have a sense of closure through a memorial service, Culberson said she still does not have that option open to her, and nowhere to go to visit a final resting place.

Still, Culberson credits the community with being there for her in the tough times. “A woman came into my shop and felt the need to pray with me. I believe in the power of prayer, and our family has been lifted up for years,” she said. “This is a wonderful community we live in. Blanchester is a wonderful place to be.”

She also understands the fears and anxiety of mothers and fathers whose children are serving in the military. “Those parents are always concerned about life and death, the not knowing,” she added. “Don’t be afraid to lean on others around you, and let them help you. Let the kindness of other people into your life.”

Culberson has spoken with many families of missing children, if only to let them know that she understands how they are feeling. “I know those emotions. Someone to talk to, to share memories and resources with, is hard to come by unless you’ve been through it.”

“One thing really helped me, and that’s giving back. Working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children helps me make contact, sharing and listening when people need to talk. Giving back has helped me heal,” she said.

Culberson said that the pain of losing a loved one to sickness or accident is no different from one family to another, but the pain of not having closure prolongs the grieving process. “Our bodies are a temple for our souls, and I know Carrie’s soul is in heaven. It’s that body that I used to hold, and the need to know where she is, that makes the grief linger.”

Her hope is that in her lifetime, she will be able to find Carrie, and finally achieve that closure in her life.

“I often rely on ‘Footsteps in the Sand’,” she said. “It’s at those times when I feel low that I know Someone Else is carrying me through.”


Another Clinton County resident, who asked not to be named, also spoke of the pain of loss at the holiday season, when he was only 14 years old. He said that, although he will never truly be over the feelings of loss he had when his father passed away on the day after Christmas, he tries to celebrate the season as his father would have done.

“At the holiday times, Dad was always extra happy, and enjoyed being with us all,” he said. “I try to keep his spirit alive with my brothers, sisters, and my mother, through photographs and memories. We all miss him to this day, 36 years later” he said. “It still brings a tear to my eye, but it keeps the holiday spirit alive for us all.”

He added the following sentiment to the community: “Relying on friends and neighbors to lift lagging spirits during the holidays can make a big difference in the life of someone who needs a bright spot in an otherwise dark time. Giving a part of yourself to someone in need may just be the best gift you have to offer — a gift of your time and caring. May you all have the best and brightest holiday season, no matter what your circumstances.”
CTV to re-air Culberson Case 12-18-07
Post by FindCarrie on Dec 16th, 2007, 8:39pm

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 beginning @ 4 a.m. EST, Court TV will re-air MISSING which is the one hour presentation regarding the disappearance of Carrie Culberson. Please check your TV Guide for Court TV channel listing. This is one of the better presentations regarding the disappearance of Carrie.

For more info. on Carrie's case, including updates, etc., visit her website at:


Photos From CUE Conf. For the Missing 2008
Post by FindCarrie on Mar 17th, 2008, 7:13pm

Below are some photos from the CUE Conf. for the Missing 2008 held in Wilmington, NC this past weekend. This is the 4th annual conference. As always, Carrie's information is included in the conference and our group travels along with many other families to be here for this. Please take a look at these photos. These photos are property of Find Carrie Culberson- Angel Garden of Hope and may not be reproduced, copied, or reused in any fashion without our consent. Thank you.

***if you would like to see the other pictures not posted on this forum, please email me @ FINDCARRIECULBERSON@YAHOO.COM and I will send you the full reel. Thanx
Carrie's photo on the missing person wall - 3-15-08
User Image

FindCarrie with Gil Alba of Alba Investigations and Missing and Murdered on MSNBC
User Image

Conference Notebook Cover
User Image

Angel Garden of Hope Members, David Van Norman of San Bernadino County, CA Coroners Office, and Terrance Williams' Mom
User Image

User Image

Families gathering @ the Missing Person Wall after the vigil
User Image

A touching moment as one of the mom's touches her child's photo on the wall
User Image
Tru TV Missing Person's Unit to Air New Show
Post by FindCarrie on Apr 4th, 2008, 8:47pm

Tru TV (Formally Court TV) has scheduled an air date for the show regarding Carrie's disappearance. It has been scheduled for Saturday, May 10, 2008 beginning @ 9 PM EST. Please check your local listings for channel information in your area.

This link may or may not work inside this box. It can be viewed on the actual site or on the main page. This is a blurb regarding the show.
TruTV to run Carrie's case 5-10-08 @ 9 pm est
Post by FindCarrie on May 9th, 2008, 9:27pm

Hello Everyone!!!!
TruTV (formally known as Court TV) will be airing an all new show regarding the disappearance/murder of Carrie on their new show titled "Missing Person's Unit"on Saturday, May 10, 2008 beginning at 9 p.m. EST and again at 1 a.m. EST. Please check your local cable or satellite provider for proper channel listings.

TruTv is currently running headers on their website for Carrie and should be through tomorrow night --- which is very thoughtful and neat.

Carrie's thread on TruTV has become one of the most popular and most visited threads in that community which is good news for us. We are experiencing the usual problems with the fan club and TruTV's staff have been made aware of this situation and have been working to try to stop it. At this time, we are trying to shift the focus from the usual trash back onto the victim. We suspect that the problem is arising from the fact that they were excluded from this broadcast. This is something we did not have anything to do with.

We are hoping that everyone can please tune in Saturday night. I'm sure the show will be a huge success as is all shows that TruTv has done previously.

New Tool To Match Remains To Missing Persons
Post by FindCarrie on Jul 15th, 2008, 12:09pm

A local mother's dedication could help solve thousands of family mysteries and some murders.

Debbie Culberson is on the board of the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

Culberson worked with the Justice Department to create a centralized, online tool to match the unidentified dead, with missing persons across the country.

Local 12's Deborah Dixon shows how, for Culberson, the mission is personal, as she looks for the remains of her daughter, Carrie, killed 12 years ago.

Great American Ball Park filled to capacity. It would take 8,000 more people to equal the number of unidentified dead in America.

"The number of unidentified bodies is astounding," said Dr. Amy Burrows-Beckham, Kentucky medical examiner. "It's been called the nation's silent national disaster."

Some of the unidentified dead were murdered. Thousands have families searching for answers.

There was no way to do that, until now.

Now there is NamUs, the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

Debbie Culberson is looking for daughter, Carrie's, remains. Possibly this skull. The X-ray was taken after ex-boyfriend Vince Doan hit her in the head. He's doing life for her murder. Carrie's body has never been found.

Now, Debbie can search NamUs for her remains by comparing Carrie's profile, in the missing person database with the database of unidentified dead.

Kentucky's Forensic Anthropologist Emily Craig helps Debbie Culberson create Carrie's profile. The missing persons part of NamUs will be up in the fall.

The two, Tri-State women were forces behind NamUs. For Dr. Craig, it means possible identification of some of the 54 unidentified dead in Kentucky, alone. Dr. Craig's created profiles on all of them.

"There is incredible potential on both sides of the equation," said Dr. Craig. "Coroners have to get information into the database. And even more important, families of the missing have to get information into the database."

Information such as a broken bones, or a childhood head injury, but dental records. are the most important identifier.

Families can take a digital photo for NamUs.

No remains in NamUs match Carrie so far. But the database is growing by thousands daily as coroners and medical examiners enter profiles.

Now, Debbie can search for Carrie, usually at night when she can't sleep. Something she says will not change until her search is over.

The cases on the NaMus web site are open to investigators and the public.

This fall, families can begin entering profiles of their missing loved ones. They will be reviewed by a gatekeeper before they are added to the system.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by brightstars on Aug 29th, 2008, 1:52pm

My thoughts and prayers are always with Carrie's family and friends.

Twelve years is so very hard and I surely understand how each and every day goes by without a trace to find your child.

The strength and love will always keep us going.

Search continues for Carrie
Post by FindCarrie on Oct 2nd, 2008, 07:07am


Twelve years after Carrie Culberson disappeared from Blanchester, the search for her remains still continues. She was last seen the night of Aug. 28, 1996.

A witness said she saw Vince Doan, Carrie’s boyfriend, beating her and threatening to kill her in the front yard of his Blanchester home. Later, another witness said she saw Vince covered in blood.

In August 1997, Doan was convicted of Culberson’s murder and he is serving a life sentence without parole.

Culberson’s body and her red 1989 Honda CRX were never found, but Clinton County Sheriff Ralph D. Fizer Jr. said his department still receives anywhere from 30 to 50 tips a year and his officers check all of them out.


One of the most recent tips was in September. The sheriff’s office received a tip about the location of Culberson’s remains — in an abandoned well on Taylor Pike in Clermont County.

“The source said we needed to check that well,” said Lt. Brian Edwards, chief detective with the sheriff’s office. “It just so happens, the location of the well is within close proximity of Lawrence Baker’s junkyard out on Hunt Road in Clermont County where a pond was drained and footprints were found in the bottom of the pond,” Edwards said.

Baker is Doan’s father.

“There was testimony (during Doan’s trial) about this junkyard and cadaver dogs hit on the pond that was on the property,” Edwards said. “When it got drained, we found the footprints in there and the mud on the path that led back to it. So somebody had been in there and removed something out of the pond,” he said.

Edwards said if someone knew the location of the well, It would be easy to load up whatever was in the pond and throw it into the well which he said is about two miles from the junkyard.

“From where the well is, if you go to the crossroads, you can actually look across the field and see the junkyard,” Edwards said. “Back in ’96 none of the houses that are built up now were there, so it would have been really desolate, probably hardly any traffic.”

Edwards said from Taylor Pike, a person would have to go only a couple of feet after crossing the ditch line. “We really thought this was a real promising lead. But there was no evidence in the well.”

After receiving the tip from an unidentified source, Edwards said he contacted the landowner who gave permission to drain the well.

A vacuum pump truck was brought in to pump out the 20 to 25 feet of water, Edwards said. “There was a lot of debris in there. It was an old-time well that was dug and didn’t have a cover over it and it had the stone walls around it.”

Edwards said he got inside the well after the water had been pumped out, but there was so much debris, a track hoe was brought in to remove the debris. “We ended up digging 40 or 50 feet down before we hit the bottom. We dug all of the debris out, and as the operator was pulling the debris out, we had officers there examining the contents.

“We didn’t find any evidence,” Edwards said. “You just never know when you get the information whether it’s going to be the one that leads you to her body.”

Eight years after Carrie’s disappearance, tips led officers to a pole barn owned by a Blanchester man. Carrie’s shirt was found buried under the concrete, but there was no body.

Edwards said the case will never be closed until Carrie’s body is found. “Even though we’ve arrested and prosecuted those responsible for her murder, the case is never going to be closed because she’s still missing. We’re going to follow up on any leads that we continue to get.”

Fizer said the detectives at the sheriff’s office have done a tremendous job over the years with this case. “You get let down a little bit every time you go out and think this is the one. Then they come back and it wasn’t the one. But they’ve never let it get to the point where they’re not willing to go out and check on the leads. I’m proud of them for that,” he said.

“We want to find her for the family,” Edwards added. “One of these days, one of those tips might lead us to her remains.”

Edwards said Doan’s state appeals have all been heard and upheld, along with one federal appeal. “He’s trying to get the U.S. Supreme Court to look at it now, but I don’t think they will.”

Doan’s brother, Tracey Baker, was charged with helping get rid of the evidence. He was found guilty and was sentenced to eight years in prison. He was released in September 2005.

Database Seeks To Link Bodies, Families
Post by FindCarrie on Feb 17th, 2009, 4:36pm

(CBS) The Justice Department will unveil a computer database this week called NamUS, meant to bring answers, and perhaps even some peace and closure, to families searching for a missing loved one.

There are 40,000 unidentified bodies and remains in the United States, reports 48 Hours correspondent Erin Moriarty reported on The Early Show Monday.

Until now, there hasn't been any system to connect those remains with people looking for missing family members.

But, says Moriarty, that's about to change, in part because of a determined mother in Ohio.

Debra Culberson says her daughter, Carrie Culberson, was "very beautiful, but more so than that, she was just beautiful inside. She was always happy, and ... she would try to make the mood light." A small town girl who left a big impression.

But on Aug. 28, 1996, Carrie simply vanished.

Since then, Debra has been on a mission, not only to find Carrie, but to help other parents of missing children find theirs.

"I just need to know where she is," Debra says.

Carrie was 22, living with her mom and little sister in the village of Blanchester, Ohio, until she went out with friends one night, and just didn't come home.

Police suspected ex-boyfriend Vince Doan was involved. Carrie had obtained a restraining order after she said he beat and abused her.

Without a body, prosecutors were reluctant to charge Doan, but in 1997, he was tried and convicted of Carrie's murder. Even then, Doan refused to say what he did with Carrie's body.
Asked by Moriarty why it's so important to find Carrie, knowing she's dead, Debra responded, "I think any mother, or any parent in the world, would understand this: It's that physical body that I held in my arms all those years, and just the need to know where her remains are. It's not any different than someone losing a soldier -- you know -- they still need to find their son's remains."

For the past dozen years, Debra has searched for her daughter by scanning newspapers from neighboring counties and states, one-by-one, then calling police whenever she read a body had been found. She got nowhere.

"For years," says Kentucky State Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Emily Craig, "we've had this world going on with the unidentified dead, we've had this world going on with the missing, and trying to put them together ... (it was as if) they were in two different worlds."

"It could be in one county that a body is found, and there's no way for someone in another body to know that," Moriarty points out. "There's never been a connection until now."

Craig, whose state borders Ohio, heard from Debra every time a body was found. That's why Craig helped create the national computer database appropriately called NamUS.

It will try to match unidentified bodies, Jane and John Does, to the list of people reported missing each year.

"We have no guarantee that it's gonna work," says Craig, "but anything is better than what we've had."

A major problem, she says, has been collecting the data needed to properly identify remains. "So many people think that every dead person is lying around like Elvis, you know, for identification by eye color, hair color, moles, scars, tattoos, things like that," Craig says. " ... and, at least in our climate, here in Kentucky, you can go from a living person to a skeleton in (just) two weeks."

So, when Craig meets with coroners and medical examiners -- those most likely to receive skeletons and human remains -- she encourages them to include as many details as possible. "I've got pictures of shoes, I've got pictures of shirts, I've got pictures of jewelry." Craig says, "I've got pictures of tattoos -- all the stuff that people can look at, and hopefully somebody will see what they're looking for."

NamUS went into service online earlier this month. Debra can now continue her search for Carrie -- from her own study.

"Once I find Carrie's remains," Debra says, "that grieving process, I hope, will begin, and then the healing will start. That's all I want is to find peace."
Remembering Carrie on Friday, August 28, 2009
Post by FindCarrie on Aug 22nd, 2009, 12:47pm

Please join us as we remember Carrie on the 13th anniversary since she vanished
without a trace on Friday, August 28, 2009. A special link has been placed above to
remember her. Also please note that Angel Garden of Hope will be going offline in
October due to Geocities shutting down the free online web service which enabled us
to provide websites to the families of the missing. At this time, we will only be
continuing to keep Carrie's website. We are deeply saddened to close the small
organization in her name, but hope to bring it back sometime in the near future with
another service provider. Right now our main focus is locate Carrie and bring her
home. Thank-you you all for your continued support and prayers as we continue our
search for Carrie. She is still MISSING but never forgotten!
Remembering their murdered children
Post by FindCarrie on Aug 27th, 2009, 8:54pm

DOWNTOWN - Debbie Culberson could have just moved on after her daughter was kidnapped and murdered
But instead, she started asking questions and demanding answers.

How, she asked, was it possible that unidentified remains could be cremated before being tested? Why wasn't there a law requiring tests on all remains?

She took her questions to Washington, where she spoke with legislators about the difficulty of holding onto hope that someone might find her daughter's remains when they could be sitting on a shelf somewhere.

"There are 40,000 unidentified remains in this country," Culberson said. "People have no idea how big the online community for missing persons is."

On Saturday, Culberson was awarded the Courage Award from a national organization called Parents of Murdered Children, which is holding its 23rd annual conference downtown this year.

As an advisor to U.S. Department of Justice program called NamUs - the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System - Culberson harnessed her grief by getting involved in a program that one day might result in that call she's been waiting for, the one where someone says: "We've found Carrie."

Losing her child
Culberson knew the moment she opened the door to her daughter's room and found an empty bed that her eldest child was gone forever.

For more than a year, Carrie had been dating a man so violent that her mother caught the 22-year-old sleeping with a butcher knife.

Culberson hadn't underestimated Vince Doan's violent behavior, but it took years - even after Carrie was determined dead and Doan was sentenced to life in prison - that Culberson realized the cycle of domestic violence in her family had created a paralyzing acceptance of such behavior.

"It wasn't until I saw it happen to Carrie," Culberson said, "that I recognized the power of domestic violence. Her father beat me up when the girls were young and my father used to physically abuse me."

The final straw for Carrie came after Doan became angry with her and reacted by throwing an air conditioning unit at her, knocking her unconscious. The wound required eight staples in the back of her head, Culberson said.

Carrie finally filed charges against Doan but within a month, she was missing.

Culberson hopes that if someone has to go through the gut-wrenching experience of losing a child, that they will be able to bury their loved one, unlike in her situation. So she began working on the national NamUs effort, which now offers an online database ( of unidentified remains and missing persons.

For moral support, she joined Parents of Murdered Children.

Someone to lean on
Culberson is on the conference committee for this year's Parents of Murdered Children conference, ending today in downtown Cincinnati.

"This is an unexplainable life," said L.C. Nolan, father of Shannon Marie Nolan-Broe, who was murdered on Sept. 7, 2001 by her husband. Her death also caused the death of her unborn baby. "Here, you don't have to explain, in all of our eyes we can see something inside that no one else can understand."

The four-day conference includes workshops on victim's rights, photo journaling and life after sentencing, among others. About 400 people are in town for the conference. The POMC is headquartered in Cincinnati, and was founded by Robert and Charlotte Hullinger and Ken Czillinger after the 1978 murder of the Hullingers' daughter, Lisa.

On Friday night the group watched a video slide show with a picture of each of their murdered loved ones.

Each lit a candle as their family member's face showed up on the screen.

Slowly all of the tables in the room lit up, the faces of the bereaved illuminated as they watched on, squeezed one another's hands or cried.

"So many people think you should just get over it," Culberson said. "But we come here to remember them."
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by brightstars on Aug 28th, 2009, 06:08am

My thoughts and prayers will be always that Carrie will be found.

I am forever grateful for all the good things that Jill and Debbie has done to help all missing/murdered victims.

It is so true that we must always ask questions, look, search, demand the answers to find our loved ones and to never or ever give up on our children.

Because of this strong love we have for our loved ones, it is without a doubt we will find the answers.

Photos from GA Vigil for Carrie 8/29/09
Post by FindCarrie on Aug 28th, 2009, 8:31pm

As always, we try to have something in rememberance of Carrie each year. Tonight we placed the candles and three balloons outside. One purple balloon for domestic violence awareness, one yellow for still missing and one in red for Carrie. We are still trying to find her and will never give up.

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Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Aug 28th, 2009, 9:19pm

It’s been 13 years since the Blanchester, Ohio mother of Carrie Culberson discovered her then 22-year-old daughter was missing. From that August day in 1996 when we learned of Carrie’s disappearance, we have been spell-bound by Carrie’s mysterious disappearance, the numerous, unsuccessful searches for Carrie’s missing body and her red Honda CRX, the subsequent trial and conviction of Carrie’s boyfriend, Vince Doan, and the civil trial against the City of Blanchester.

But for Debbie Culberson, Carrie’s mother, the story does not end there. Culberson began working as an advisor to the U.S. Department of Justice’s program called NamUs – the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, which offers an online database of unidentified remains and missing persons. Culberson has expressed her grief through her work on this program that she hopes will one day lead to the recovery of Carrie’s remains.

For support in her grief, Culberson also turned to Parents of Murdered Children (POMC), whose national office is located here in Cincinnati. POMC was founded by Robert and Charlotte Hullinger in Cincinnati Ohio, in 1978 after the murder of their 19-year old daughter Lisa. The organization provides the on-going emotional support needed to help parents and other survivors facilitate the reconstruction of a "new life" and to promote a healthy resolution. Finishing its annual conference this past week in Cincinnati, POMC honored Debbie Culberson with the Courage Award. “So many people think you should just get over it. But we come here to remember them.” Debbie Culberson honors all of our lost loved ones through her undying love for her daughter. This mother thanks you.

For more info:
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
Post by FindCarrie on Aug 8th, 2010, 6:29pm

Appeals court: Lawsuit over mess made in hunt for body can continue
By Dan Horn

Sheriff's deputies didn't find what they were looking for six years ago when they dug a huge hole in Jeanette Spangler's barn.

But they did make a big mess trying to find it.

The damage included a demolished concrete floor, a water-filled hole that was 15 feet deep, a ruined septic system and piles of dirt that smothered vehicles and equipment around her Perry Township property.

"It was like a war zone," said Spangler's lawyer, John Scaccia. "It was like they were fighting al-Qaeda out there."

Spangler, who demanded compensation in a 2006 lawsuit, won a federal appeals court decision Friday that allows her case against the sheriffs of Brown and Clermont counties to go forward.

The decision by the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati could leave Clermont County Sheriff A.J. "Tim" Rodenberg and Brown County Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars in repairs if Spangler wins her case.

Rodenberg, Wenninger and their lawyers could not be reached Friday, but they previously have said they did nothing wrong and made every effort to minimize damage to Spangler's property.

The dispute arose in early 2004 when Clermont County deputies received a tip that the remains of Carrie Culberson, the Blanchester woman who vanished more than a decade ago, might be located near or under the barn on Spangler's property.

Culberson's boyfriend, Vincent Doan, was convicted in 1997 of killing her, but her body was never found despite searches at several locations over the years. Authorities have said the tip about Spangler's barn came from a reliable source.

Spangler's son, Jerrod Messer, lived on the property until he went to prison on unrelated drug charges in 2003.

"Law enforcement had a reasonable belief ... that Ms. Culberson's body may be buried under the concrete floor of the garage," the sheriffs' lawyers wrote in a recent court brief.

FBI agents assisted in the search and deputies from Brown County joined them because the barn is located in that county.

When dogs trained to find cadavers "hit" on a number of spots around the barn, the investigators scoured the property and tore up the barn's concrete floor looking for body parts or other evidence.

The hole in the floor, which soon filled with rainwater, eventually consumed most of the barn's space and was up to 15 feet deep. Dirt and concrete were piled outside the barn, at times on top of equipment and vehicles that Spangler had stored on the property.

No evidence linking Culberson to the site was found, and the search was called off after more than a week of digging.

Scaccia said the sheriffs made no attempt to repair the damage they'd done, telling the 58-year-old Spangler they were under no obligation to do so.

"I was devastated," Spangler said Friday. "I didn't think that law enforcement could come out to somebody's place and do something like that. It's horrible."

Scaccia said the search was based on a bad tip about Culberson and that investigators compounded the problem by continuing to destroy the property even after it became clear there was no point in pursuing the search. He said the tons of dirt dumped on cars and equipment could have been put elsewhere on the two-acre property without damaging anything.

The bottom line, he said, is that Spangler did nothing wrong but was left with a big mess and tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

"Let's concede they had a probable cause to look," Scaccia said. "That doesn't mean you act like this. That doesn't mean you go forward in a way that is unreasonable.

"It's not the way we're supposed to be operating in the United States of America."

The panel of three 6th Circuit judges did not rule on Spangler's claims, but they agreed the sheriffs should remain in the case and could be held liable for damages.

"The property was left in complete disarray," wrote Judge Damon Keith, who was joined by judges R. Guy Cole and Julia Smith Gibbons in the decision. "The totality of the circumstances did not warrant the knowing destruction of plaintiff's personal property."
Sonar Finds Underwater Clues
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Laney Gwinner, Carrie Culberson, Paige Johnson... They are young women missing, murdered or both, with ties to a local lake or the river. Bodies of water have long been a place to dump evidence, believing it would sink to the muddy bottom and disappear.

Local 12's Deborah Dixon tells us, for the bad guy who believes that, there is some very bad news.

It looks as if grown men are playing a video game on the banks of East Fork Lake.
"It works like a modern video game. A joy stick handles most of the controls."

The joy stick tells the Outland 1000 remotely operated vehicle, or ROV, where to go. But it's what the ROV can see that is a game changer.

John Maske, Outland Technology: "Sonar allows us to see things from the length of a football field, that you would never be able to see as a diver."

Hamilton County Police Association's Underwater Search and Recovery Team is getting trained on their new system, with two cameras and Blue View's multi-beam sonar that delivers crystal clear real time images, even in low visibility.

John Robertson, Blue View Technologies: "It's all sound waves, goes through water, bounces off objects, creates image from return of sound."

"Divers can only see what's in front of them. Now, they can see beyond."

What the sonar sees can be picked up with a claw, up to 70 pounds. Divers go in for larger items, such as cars. A GPS helps them get to the underwater crime scene, even in zero visibility.

Three years ago, a similar system saw what divers hadn't been able to see for two months at East Fork Lake. The bodies of Charles and Scott Chippendale. Their empty fishing boat was found doing circles on the lake. An out of state water rescuer with the sonar system recovered the father and son in a day.

"You can do the amount of work in an hour with a ROV that would take a week or two weeks with a team of divers in a lake like this to recover a body."

The robot could search where divers have already been, such as here in the Ohio River, near California, where divers have searched for Carrie Culberson's car. That's because the Blanchester man convicted of killing Carrie was on Kellogg Avenue right after she disappeared. Vince Doan called home looking for his father, who was supposed to be helping him with something. Carrie and her car have never been found.

Evan Evans: "If a car has been there a decade, we can still pull it out, still handle it as a crime scene."

The underwater robot awarded by Homeland Security is the first in our area.

"No longer can bad guys throw objects in the river and disappear, forever. Now, investigators will be able to find it with the robot."

What dark secrets does the river hold?

23-year-old Laney Gwinner's body was found in the Ohio a month after she disappeared in 1997. It is believed she floated out of her Honda Del Sol after both were put in the river.

And what about Paige Johnson, the Kentucky teen who disappeared in September? Police tracked the cell phone activity of the man who was with her the day she disappeared, to East Fork Lake.

The Hamilton County Police Association says, if investigators on these cases ask for a robot search, they'll get it, allowing sonar to see beyond the murky waters, to the truth.

The robot can also be used as an anti-terrorism tool, to look for explosives on barges, boats and bridges.
Civil suit settled against Brown County, Clermont
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Civil suit settled against Brown County, Clermont County sheriffs
article by Misty Maynard

A six-day trial was halted before a judgement could be made when the parties involved in a years-old civil suit agreed to settle.

The suit was filed against Brown County Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger and Clermont County Sheriff Albert Rodenberg as well as commissioners from both counties in 2006 by Jeanette Spangler and her son, Jerrod Messer.

Spangler and Messer are Brown County residents whose property was damaged during the execution of a search warrant in 2004. They sought, and have been awarded, monetary compensation for the damage to the property.

The search warrant for Spangler and Messer's property was issued after information from informants indicated the body of Carrie Culberson, a woman missing and believed murdered since 1997, was underneath the concrete floors of the garage. Culberson's body has never been found, though a man, Vincent Doan, was convicted of kidnapping and murder relating to her disappearance.

Spangler owned the property but Messer stored supplies, tools and equipment for his roofing and construction business in the garage, as well as vehicles, according to court documents. At the time of the search, the property was rented out.

Though the death was under the jurisdiction of Clermont County, the property was in Brown County and Rodenberg requested the BCSO secure a search warrant for the property. The FBI was also asked to assist in the execution of the search warrant.

The search began on April 27, 2004, and Wenninger was noted to be "generally in charge of the search," although another Brown County deputy was in charge when Wenninger was not present, according to court records. Wenninger was on site six times and assisted with digging and operated a Bobcat.

According to court records, the search began by drilling holes in the concrete floor. Cadaver dogs were used to assist in the search for the body with officers digging in areas where the dogs indicated a body might be present, according to records.

Personal property was removed from the garage and dirt extracted from the ground was examined for human remains before being moved outside the garage, according to court records. By May 3, 2004, there was a large hole in the garage from the digging, which filled with water after a heavy rain.

When there was no more space for the extracted dirt, it was piled on top of the personal property which had been removed from the building, according to court records. Wenninger testified he thought the property was "junk," according to court records.

According to court records, there was ample room on the two-acre property for the personal property to be moved or the extracted dirt to be placed elsewhere, but those spaces were not used.

On May 10, 2004, the search ended because cadaver dogs no longer picked up any scent, and Wenninger advised law enforcement personnel they were not required to fill the hole in the garage which was estimated to be 15 feet deep, according to records.

The hole filled with water, essentially "creating a pond in plaintiff's garage," and the tenants renting the house moved because of damage to the septic system, according to court documents.

Attorney for the plaintiffs, John Scaccia, said previously the damage had reduced the property value from more than $100,000 to around $20,000. In a previous interview, Scaccia called the property a "war zone." Attempts to reach Scaccia Monday were not successful by press time.

Mark Landes, attorney for the defendants, said settlements are typically confidential. However, since the case involved public entities he respects the public records law.

However, Landes said he did not have a signed release yet and could not release the terms of the settlement. While he could not release the figures, he did confirm that numbers published by another local newspaper sounded "about right to me." Those numbers have the plaintiffs being awarded nearly $190,000. Of that, Brown County's share would be about $136,000 while Clermont County would pay $50,000.

The amount to be paid by Brown County will actually be paid by the County Risk Sharing Authority, a group formed by several counties in Ohio that Landes said was similar to an insurance company. The settlement will not affect the sheriff's budget or the county's general fund, Landes said.

Landes said it was unfortunate money had to be paid because of a search for a woman's body who had been missing for so long. He said police were careful in their work and used the best cadaver dogs. He also lamented the fact that the money was paid to people who had contact with Doan, a convicted murderer. Landes said it was also unfortunate that people who work in public safety would be put in the position they were put in by the lawsuit.

A message left for Wenninger was not returned by press time.
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
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the sonar,has this been done? if not why hasn't it? what do we need to do to get this done?
Re: Up-to-Date News On Carrie Culberson
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Hi, with regards to your post. It was done. Not all information in regards to Carrie's searches and other information is posted on this forum due to privacy issues. Thank-you for your continued interest with the case. We are still very much searching for Carrie and will not stop until she is located.

Best Regards
Where is Carrie: 20-year search for answers in wom
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Where is Carrie: 20-year search for answers in woman's murder