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Mar 17th, 2018, 3:15pm

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xx What You Need To Know In A Time of Crisis
« Thread started on: Apr 22nd, 2005, 11:33am »

If you are seeking assistance for your missing loved one, or even a murder victim, there are a few very important things you need to know when seeking help.
There are many unscrupulious individuals working in the area of missing and murdered people. People who are not concerned with the bigger picture, but they are there to gain that 15 mins of fame or to get money. These are things you want to avoid!!!

Below are some things to consider when choosing someone to assist you.

1. Always find out if the person has location information, such as a contact telephone #, address, and an email. Never deal with anyone who only will give you a first name or a generic email. You can be anybody online, but be truthful when working in a serious matter.

2. If you are told an item is free, and then later you are asked to pay for unexpected costs, you should immediately cut off all communication.

3. If you are asked for a large sum of money up front for a website, msg forum, or even to list information on other websites, you should back away from that immediately. You should only pay a private investigator should you choose one. Those people should come with references and valid documents to show that they are legit.

4. If someone shows up at your residence, place of employment, calls without permission, or sends mail to your house without your consent, these are actions that are to be questioned. Those working with you should always ask your permission before handling any type of work. This includes planning of vigils, web site creation, and search efforts.

5 The group you choose should be available to you when you call or email. They do not disappear without notification and not return your efforts to contact them. Those who practice these types of things are to be questioned.

6. You should always have paperwork in hand before you allow someone to create something for you. This is showing that what they create is for you and it should state their purpose of business. These items should include a signature. These are more important if the group or organziation gives free materials.

7. You never want to have a third party handle money that comes in as donations to the family for rewards, etc. Whoever is helping you should never touch any money that is related to the case.

8. Do not be afraid to ask for references before accepting someone's help. It pays to look around and find out who offers what and their feedback.
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