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Rules on Carrie Culberson's Board
Post by FindCarrie on Sep 10th, 2004, 12:27pm

Everyone who comes to Carrie Culberson's message board will follow the rules below or you are subject to being removed from the board.

1. We do not and will not tolerate any negative comments about Carrie Culberson, that of her family, anyone searching for Carrie, or supporters of the Culberson family.

2. If you wish to support Vincent Doan (the accused killer/exboyfriend of Carrie Culberson), you are asked to join his discussion groups. Discussion about Vincent Doan, the Baker family, or fanclub ARE NOT allowed on this board. FindCarrieCulberson.Com does not condone deviant behavior and therefore will not accept messages of hatred towards Vincent Doan, his family or any towards ourselves.

3. If you post a news article about any topic, you are asked to post a direct link back to the material you have taken. Otherwise it have to be deleted. undecided
Our website does not take material knowingly without giving proper recognition to the writer.

4. Anybody who signs up on this board with mulitple user names, emails, etc. will banned immediately. Please keep in mind that ISP #s are able to be logged and banned. We do not allow derragatory nicknames or sexually suggestive email addresses or nicknames. This board, you will find is the most strict because of the problems that have come up on other message boards that Carrie's information has been posted.

5. Members who post new people on this forum are asked to please provide our admin with a photo of the person, disappearance date and/or death date, along with their birthdate. Individuals who are posted who do not give this information will be taken down off the site.

6. Photos on this website are hosted by our servers and our servers only. If you wish to post a photo along with information, you are asked to contact our admin to do so. This is how we guarantee the photo will remain in place and that nobody's bandwidth is being taken away.

Clarification of Materials on Culberson's Site
Post by FindCarrie on Oct 22nd, 2004, 5:52pm

Find Carrie Culberson is a registered trademark. This means that those who have taken material unlawfully off our site and message forum to create websites for the convicted murderer are in violation of our copyright. These violations are subject to prosecution. If you have questions regarding our copyright policy or any other information contained on this website, you are asked to contact our admin. If admin is unable to answer your questions, you may then direct your questions to our legal counsel.